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Will Brexit affect my claim? 


As you know, both the date and the consequences of a potential Brexit are unknown. Once the United Kingdom exits the European Union, Regulation EC. 261/2004, regarding flight delays and cancellations, will potentially no longer apply to UK airlines and/or flight routes. The validity of your claim may then depend on the type of problem that occurred, the exact flight route, operating airline, date of booking and/or root cause. These factors would determine whether your claim would still be valid based on the EU jurisdiction. It is possible the EU Regulations and subsequent additional case law will eventually be adopted by the UK or that the further negotiations regarding laws and policies will take several years, during which compensation claims will still continue as before. If more definite information becomes available that applies to your claim, we will inform you accordingly. In the meantime, any further emails requesting documents or containing updates about the status of your claim should not necessarily be regarded as confirmation that your claim will continue to be valid in the future.


What can I do to avoid any delays in the processing of my claim? 


In order to make sure your claim proceeds as quickly as possible please do the following: 


  • Make sure all the documentation our team has requested is uploaded to your online dossier so we can proceed with your claim

  • Any documents that cite the date on which you purchased your flight (tickets) could be relevant in the future. Therefore please upload these as well

  • If you receive any response or offer from the airline directly, please be sure to inform us accordingly and to upload the response to your dossier


I have further questions, what should I do? 


You can visit the CAA page on the implications of Brexit in the aviation industry or head on to our blog post to learn more about what may change in the future. If you have any other questions regarding the status of your claim, you can verify it by logging in to your online account and clicking on ‘timeline’. Alternatively, please refer to the FAQ on our website for further information.



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