Delayed flight Thomas Cook TCX 3549 30/08/12

Flight information

From: Dalaman Airport, Dalaman
To: Gatwick Airport, London
Distance: 1734 miles

Scheduled departure: 02:40 PM
Actual departure: 00:50 AM
Delay: More than ten hours


Upon checking in at Dalaman Airport Turkey, the lady on the check-in desk told us there was a delay on our flight but she said she didnt know anymore details.After waiting for a few hours we realised our take-off time was approaching but there was no sight of our plane. Other people waiting for the flight were also getting concerned so someone went to find a Thomas Cook representative to try & give us some information. Eventually three reps came to the departure gate to inform us there was a problem with the airplane that was coming from Glasgow. They told us we couldnt wait around the airport (Dalaman Turkey)& so they were transferring us to a nearby hotel & on arrival they would give us a bottle of water & if still delayed after a couple of hours a meal & a cold drink would be provided (which it was). At around 8.30pm (Turkey time) we were informed that there was an aircraft making its way to Turkey & we would be taken back to the airport at around 10.45pm.At that approx time coaches turned up to take everyone back to the airport.We finally took off from Dalaman at 00.50am (Turkish time) with arrival at London Gatwick at 03.05am(GMT)

Amount of claimable compensation

€ 400 per passenger

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