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An absolutely brilliant service. Our flight( Family of 5)from Dublin to New York with American Airlines was cancelled at the last minute for technical reasons. American Airlines re booked us onto an Aer Lingus flight that did get us to New York. This flight departed seven hours later than our original flight. On our return I contacted Flight Delayed. I uploaded all the information they needed ( maybe 2 hours work) and then sat back. They contacted me to say we had a valid claim and they then proceeded to deal with American Airlines. Yesterday August 23rd 2017, Six weeks after our initial contact €2250 was lodged in our bank account. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you.

Profesional services
It takes too long...6 months

I am really happy and want to recomend, they helped me to get compensation for flight delay.

Great service, very easy process and friendly team to deal with - answered questions quickly and through the online tool I was able to track the progress of our claim. Everything has been handled really well and I would happily recommend the Flight-Delayed team to help you with your claim.

My plane was over three hours late getting back to Manchester due to delays. I contacted Flight Delay and they got me £199 (minus 25% for their fee) for the delay. It took less than an hours work from me to fill out a form and give them my power of attorney. Six weeks later it was all sorted. Highly recommended!

Excellent service and communication with the team. Taken quite some time due to airline dragging their heels. Awaiting payment as case just been cleared. I am due refund of Euros minus Flight Delayed take of 25% which is very reasonable considering the lack of hassle trying to retrieve refund by myself. Many thanks to the team.