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Flights to Lanzarote and flights to Alicante

You're looking for flights to Lanzarote and flights to Alicante. Where do you start looking and what should you keep in mind? Flight-Delayed.co.uk helps passengers with travel information and tips and assists those that have experienced flight delays or cancellations. 

Flights to Lanzarote: basic information

With favourable weather year-long (the coldest month, with an average of 20 degrees Celsius, is January), Lanzarote is an ideal holiday destination. If you're searching for cheap flights to Lanzarote, it may be helpful to know which airlines operate direct flights to the island. The airport code for Lanzarote's Arrecife Airport is ACE. You can also fly to the island from Las Palmas airport in Spain (LPA): this will take you about 45 minutes.

Airports from where you can fly directly to Lanzarote (departure airport, duration of flight, airlines operating this route)

Barcelona, Spain - 3h 16m - Vueling, Ryanair, Air Europa

Birmingham, UK- 4h 15m - Monarch, Ryanair

Blackpool, UK - 4h 35m - Jet2

Bournemouth, UK - 4h 20m - Ryanair

Bristol, UK - 4h 0m - Ryanair

Cork, Ireland - 3h 57m - Aer Lingus, Ryanair

Dublin, Ireland - 4h 17m - Ryanair, Aer Lingus

Edinburgh, UK - 4h 40m - Ryanair

Glasgow, UK - 4h 35m - Ryanair

Knock, Ireland - 4h 15m - Ryanair

Las Palmas, Spain - 0h 45m - Binter Canarias, Canary Fly,Transavia

Leeds, UK - 4h 21m - Monarch, Jet2, Ryanair

Liverpool, UK - 4h 20m - easyJet, Ryanair

Londen, UK - 4h 11m - Monarch, Ryanair, easyJet

Madrid, Spain - 2h 43m - Air Europa, Iberia, Ryanair

Manchester, UK - 4h 28m - Monarch, Jet2, Ryanair

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - 4h 30m - Jet2

Nottingham, UK - 4h 15m - Ryanair, Jet2

Shannon, Ireland - 4h 10m - Ryanair

Flights to Alicante: basic information

Alicante is a popular destination due to the fact that mant low-cost carriers operate to the city. The airport code for Alicante's Alicante-Elche Airport is ALC.

Airports from where you can fly directly to Alicante (departure airport, duration of flight, airlines operating this route)

Belfast - 3h 2m - easyJet, Jet2

Birmingham - 2h 37m - Monarch, Ryanair

Blackpool - 2h 50m - Jet2

Bournemouth - 2h 25m - Ryanair

Bristol - 2h 30m - easyJet, Ryanair

Cardiff - 2h 25m - Vueling

Cork, Ireland - 2h 40m - Ryanair, Aer Lingus

Edinburgh - 3h 11m - Jet2, Ryanair, easyJet

Exeter - 2h 25m - FlyBE

Glasgow - 3h 10m - easyJet, Jet2

Leeds - 2h 50m - Jet2, Ryanair

Liverpool - 2h 45m - Ryanair, easyJet

London - 2h 30m - easyJet, British Airways, Monarch

Londonderry, UK 2h 45m Ryanair

Manchester, UK 2h 51m Monarch, Jet2, Ryanair

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 3h 2m Jet2, easyJet

Nottingham, UK 2h 35m Ryanair, Monarch, Jet2

Shannon, Ireland 2h 55m Ryanair

Southampton, UK 2h 25m FlyBE

Flights to Lanzarote and flights to Alicante: what should you do in the event of a delay or cancellation?

Even though Lanzarote is closer to Africa than it is to Spain, the island is very much an official part of Spain, and thus also falls under European law and regulation. So whether you are flying to Lanzarote from the UK or from Lanzarote to the UK, or if you're flying to or from Alicante, a delayed or cancelled flight will fall under EU Regulation 261/2004. This is irrespective of what airline you are travelling with. So that means that when your flight is delayed or cancelled, or you are denied boarding, and you arrived at your destination 3 hours or more later than scheduled, you could be entitled to receive compensation from the operating airline. This compensation is part of a larger European scheme to protect consumers. It basically means that airlines aren't allowed to delay a flight and fob off air passengers without taking responsibility for this. In the past, airlines were allowed to merge two half-empty flights at the last minute in the interest of economic efficiency, resulting in passengers being left at the airport for hours or sometimes even days. The European Commission and European Court of Justice decided to put an end to that, which is why airlines are now required to compensate air passengers if they lose 3 hours or more.

The only way an airline can still be exempted from paying this compensation to their passengers is if it can eventually be proven that the delay or cancellation wasn't deliberate, but was the result of 'extraordinary circumstances'. This is the case when something happens that causes the flight to be delayed or cancelled that could not reasonably have been prevented or predicted by the airline. But if you request compensation and the airline says there is no entitlement, don't just take their word for it! Airlines try to fob customers off this way all the time, hoping they will give up and the airline won't end up having to pay compensation. There are authorities in every EU country that can investigate the cause of a delay or cancellation and determine if your claim is valid.

Flight-Delayed can help you with filing your claim with the airline, lodging a complaint with the national enforcement body and taking legal action against the airline if they continue to refuse to pay you. The compensation amount can range from 250 euros (±200 GBP) up to 600 euros (± 500 GBP) per passenger. This amount is irrespective of the initial price of your ticket, as you are compensated a certain amount for the number of hours you lost.

Non-UK flights to Lanzarote and non-UK flights to Alicante: if you are flying to Lanzarote from a non-EU country, your flight would have to have been operated by a European airline. But if you are flying from Lanzarote or Alicante to another country, your flight will fall under Regulation regardless of where you are flying to or who you're flying with. The claim calculator will help you sort all this out. It will give you an estimation of how much compensation you could receive, free of commitment.

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