Problems with your flight?

Was your flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked? You may be entitled to compensation of up to £457 per person.

Your rights when your flight is delayed

A delayed flight may entitle you to at least EUR 250 financial compensation. Just read what the criteria are or fill in your flight details in the sidebar 'Check your flight'. Unfortunately a delayed flight is a common problem when you’re travelling. We all know how we have a right to complain when our train is delayed for five minutes but if we encounter a delayed flight we often keep quiet.

But what would you do if you knew these long delays and waiting could earn you up to EUR 600,- in compensation? This is what you are entitled to according to European law.

Only a few percent of Europeans know that a delayed flight and also flight cancellation, denied boarding and rerouting grant entitlement to a financial compensation.

Through our calculator you can find out within seconds what amount you should get from the airline. Just follow the three steps, start with filling in the date of the flight and your flight number.

We have been helping air passengers like you who suffer delays on airports across Europe every day since 2010.

Not sure if your flight was delayed by more than the required 3 hours? Drop us an email at info(at) and we will try to sort it out for you.

A delayed flight, flight cancellation or denied boarding is a great nuisance and the last thing you are waiting for when travelling. To most passengers it is unknown that airlines are required by law to take responsibility and in many cases have to compensate you financially.

Why would you get a refund?

The European Parliament and Council created the Regulation (EC) nr.261/2004 to protect air passengers. This Regulation provides rules and regulations that explain which criteria and conditions are applicable on flight cancellation and denied boarding.

In addition, there is a ‘Sturgeon arrest’ that states that flights that are delayed for longer than three hours need to be treated as cancelled flights.

The right to financial compensation depends on several factors. There are cases of force majeure, for example a volcanic eruption or a terrorist attack. If your flight is delayed or cancelled for such a reason you're probably not entitled to receive financial compensation from the airline company.

If you want to know if you’re entitled to compensation, then try our calculator.

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Customer reviews

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We were delayed Jan 2013 for 9 hrs in Tunisia, we contact the holiday company and was basically told no chance of compensation. We contacted Green Claim and they done a marvellous job . We were so please with the outcome 800 euros, less their free. Very professional company, Definitely would you this company again .

Just got £960 back for delayed flight from Bulgaria took 3 years but Thomas Cook paid out in the end I tried myself to get it but Thomas Cook refused to pay out this was for 3 people it's took a long time but worth the wait

We were delayed back in september 2015 and just got settled today gr8 work cant fault at all many thanx for all your work

Went to lapland 2015, our flight home cancelled due to various problems,I contacted flight delay, they helped me telling me how to claim compensation as we where stuck for days. In no time at all flight delay negotiated with titan airways, in a professional and untimely manner. It took 8 weeks roughly, I'd like to say thank you to them for making it completely stress free, 25% is what they charge for their services, compared to some others it's a reasonable amount!! Regards Linda Anderson

We were delayed at Dalaman Airport for 7.50 hours. We have just received the compensation of 800 euros, less 25%. It has taken 2 year and 9 months and had to go legal in the end but Flight Delayed took care of it all, It is all done by e-mail, but it has all been worth it. I would have given up a long time ago, well done Flight Delayed. I would not hesitate to use them again and would recommend them. 5 star service.

Excellent service from start to finish -thank you

I’m glad I went to Flight Delayed for my compensation claim. They charge only 25% commission and are very client-friendly. After giving them the flight details, they used their expertise to interact with the airline in order to achieve the maximum settlement of 800 euros for two people less 200 euros commission. They were offered 600 euros at first but persisted with the claim and succeeded. I have no hesitation in recommending Flight Delayed. We need this kind of service nowadays.

What a great service. I thought that the chance was slim to none but I receive a full refund. Fully recommend this service

I looked at a number of web sites and the commission charged I thought was a little expensive. How ever flight delays only charged 25%. All I had to do was give them the flight details and they did all the rest and Don't be put off that the company is based in Holland they are very professional. For a 4 hour delay they got me and my wife 800 euros minus 200 euros commission. Job done!!!! I would have no hesitation recommending this company.

We tried unsuccessfully to claim compensation for a four hour delay on a Germania flight out of Skiathos. They refused claiming extraordinary circumstances, so we passed our claim onto Flight-Delayed. There website is very easy to use and they provide constant updates on the progress of the claim. The whole process took just over 20 weeks before we received compensation. Well done Flight-Delayed - highly recommended!

I too was skeptical, but it worked and how. Lufthansa treated me like crap but these guys know their business 100% and all I needed to do was provide information, they did the rest..............and succeeded with getting me compensation. Thank you flight delayed.

First rate service . Used these guys twice now and a successful outcome on both occasions with very little effort on my part.

Amazingly easy!! Very impressed that they managed to get us compensation from Ryaniar!

I contacted this company with very little hope at the end of December. I knew that by law I was entitled to a compensation after my flight from Bucharest to London was delayed by more than three hours, but I honestly doubted I would ever get it. Still I had nothing to lose and I did not want to bother to do it myself so I gave Flight Delayed a try. They warned from day one that it would not happen over night which was more than fair. After two months and just a couple of emails we exchanged, they wrote to me saying Ryanair had paid the compensation. A week later, the money was in my account. I was shocked and still am actually. I cannot thank them enough. Very professional, excellent customer service, their website is very user-friendly. I would definitely recommend this company. 5 stars without hesitation.

After trying to get compensation from Aer Lingus for a delay to the USA I gave up and put it in the hands of Flight Delay. They got my compensation first time well done. I would recommend them to anyone and if needed will use them again.

Great service - £515.86 for a 3/4 hour delay. Thank you!

I successfully got £452 compensation through this company for my delayed flight to Cyprus with Thomson which was almost 6 years ago. The company kept in touch right throughout the process and I would recommend them to anyone. Don't let badly run airlines get away with it!

Excellence service, easy to use. Time to resolution depends on airline but great value for money for a no win, no fee company.

I didnt have to do anything, they asked me for the info they needed and I just had to sit back and wait. It took around 2 months altogether and I got my compensation today. They do charge 25% which is fair considering that id have zero comp if id tried to do this alone. Highly recommend.

Am delighted with this company. Efficient and trustworthy. Just waiting for my actual payment which I will enjoy spending, Wouldn't have been able to achieve this result myself and have no problem recommending them to others in the same situation.

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