Flight-delayed's Top Tip's to get some shut eye

Most people struggle to sleep when on a flight. I am not one of those people, anyone that has had the pleasure of travelling with me will know, as soon as the wheels rumble along the tarmac I am semi unconscious. For those of you out there that are not so

Flight-Delayed's Top ten:  Nifty travel secrets

We are back again and with more tips to tease you into packing a bag and to start globetrotting. If you have not already set off on your summer travels then here are 10 top tips to help you along the way. 

Flight-Delayed’s 5 Top Tips for working on the go

A growing number of people work independently or freelance entirely and that can make for a lot of time travelling for those people. Time that could be put to better use with a little organization. 

Flight-Delayed’s top ten: Unesco world heritage sites

You may have noticed that here at Flight-delayed we like a good list. Top tips and locations are our thing. So here is your latest installment, in no particular order of importance, our top ten Unesco world heritage sites to visit.