Passengers receive unsigned checks from Ryanair
The airline's latest gaffe comes after hundreds of its pilots, from different countries, and its cabin crew go on strike because of their dissatisfaction with their working conditions. The airline has said it will not pay compensation for flights that had
Top 5 busiest flight routes by total passengers
  With the arrival of cheap flights and low cost airlines, the number of passengers who prefer to take a flight instead of a different mode of transport has increased considerably.
What is the longest flight in the world? Here’s the top 6
  We've all asked ourselves the same question, especially when we've already been sitting in the same seat for 7 hours and watched almost 3 movies, what will be the longest flight in the world? Okay, we'll try to answer your question here:   At approximately 18 hours, United's flight from Los Angeles to Singapore is the second longest non-stop flight you can take.