Flight-Delayed's Top Road Trips

Flight-Delayed's Top Road Trips

Getting to the beginning of your dream road trip often has to start with another mode of transport and this is usually an airplane.

Do Brits have a drink and fly problem?

An increasing number of headlines of drunk brits on planes have been making the news and that is increasing the pressure on UK Government to take action.  

Flight-Delayed: Did you know? Fun facts about airport security 

Even for the most infrequent traveller one of the most prominent memories from any trip is going through airport security and worrying about what it is you can take with you. The security is there for the protection of passengers and staff alike but the p

Flight-Delayed's Top ten films to inspire travel

We know you don't want to think about it but the end of summer is nye. There are still plenty of weeks left for you to make that last minute trip or maybe you are getting ready to spend the winter in warmer climes.

FLIGHT-DELAYED's Top ten European cities to live in

We are back again only this time we have our top ten most livable European cities. Although if you are looking to bum it about Europe for a while then this one is not for you. These places will definitely demand you to have a job.