Top 5 busiest flight routes by total passengers

Instinctively, you can start by considering which cities have more inhabitants and connect them to each other. However, you will be surprised by the routes because within the top 5 of the world's busiest routes, you will only find domestic flights. Makes

What is the longest flight in the world? Here’s the top 6

At approximately 18 hours, United's flight from Los Angeles to Singapore is the second longest non-stop flight you can take. During the trip, you travel 14,113 kilometres. Other flights travel a longer distance, but because of the winds the plane faces wh

What causes flight cancellations? – We’ve got your back!

Although a flight cancellation may be very frustrating, there is always a valid reason to cancel a flight. For example, choosing not to operate a faulty airplane. However, all the valid reasons that fall under the operational responsibility of the airline

6 reasons for not claiming flight compensation on your own

The complaints procedure is not as simple and straightforward as you probably want it to be. It is necessary to have an adequate knowledge of European legislation, of the permitted procedures and of the timescales associated with them. Airlines invite pas

The Ones to Follow: Macca from An Adventurous World.

His desire for adventure and challenges, paired with incredible imagery, will give you an adrenaline boost. We love his unique writing style also. This things combined make for a very exceptional travel blog and YouTube channel

Can you complain about flight delays? – We’ve got your back!

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