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A delayed flight forced Neymar to miss World Cup practice!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Brazil's national football team began its training camp in Turin, Italy, on November 14th, 2022. All 26 players showed up for training in preparation for the World Cup, except for Neymar and Marquinhos, whose plans were thrown off by a flight delay from Paris. At the end of practice, the pair reunited with the team.

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Flights delaya during the World Cup can impact everyone… Even Neymar and Marquinhos!

Neymar and Marquinhos missed the start of the first day of World Cup practice on Monday due to issues with their flight from Paris to Turin, where Brazil is holding a five-day camp before flying to Doha.

On Monday morning, all 26 players were supposed to report to Juventus' training centre, but Paris St. Germain players Neymar and Marquinhos were late since they experienced a flight delay due to mechanical problems.

The 14 team players who weren't included on the weekend rosters for their clubs participated in simple basic drills during the first session being led by coach Tite when the two arrived in the late afternoon.

Neymar and Marquinhos joined the other athletes in the gym toward the end of practice.

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