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How to save money on your plane ticket and get the best deals!

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Especially for international travel, plane tickets are typically one of the most expensive aspects of your vacation. If you frequently travel for business or pleasure, you probably want to cut costs on your flights as they can account for more than half of the cost of your entire trip! In this blog, we offer some advice on how to reduce the cost of tickets using various techniques.

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Book as far ahead of time as possible prior to departure — Once you've chosen your trip's destination and departure date, book your tickets as soon as you can. Three weeks before the departure date, the airfare increases quickly. If tickets are purchased one to three months prior to departure, you should be looking at the cheapest flying rates.

Be flexible with the dates of your trip — Due to the constant fluctuation in airfare, it is possible to find a cheaper flight on or near the day of departure. If this won't significantly interfere with your plans, try to leave a three to a four-day window between your specific departure dates.

Fly with budget airlines — These airlines charge lower rates because they forgo several customary services like meals, drinks, and baggage fees. While budget airlines typically don't provide amenities, they make sure you have a positive flying experience at a low cost.

Use incognito mode on search engines — The majority of flight search engines and websites maintain track of client information via cookies. By doing this, companies can raise the prices whenever a particular route is often checked. Therefore, since private browsing or incognito mode resets your cookie usage every time you log in, it is preferable to search for airlines and dates in these modes.

Avoid Christmas crowds and price inflation by travelling during the off-season — During the holidays and other busy times, airlines purposefully raise ticket costs. In addition, they significantly raise the price three weeks before departure. Therefore, if you plan to travel during peak seasons, try reserving your tickets at least a month in advance or opt to fly off-peak.

You can obtain special perks through frequent flyer and reward programs — Frequent flyer programs are loyalty programs created especially for faithful patrons who favour travelling with a specific airline. You receive points that are added to your account each time you fly with that airline. These points can be redeemed for substantial savings, sometimes even free flights, and other benefits.

Visit both official airline websites and third-party websites for pricing comparisons — You have two options for purchasing your airline tickets: through the airline carrier or through a third-party flight booking website. The majority of the time, it is advised to choose a third-party website because they not only offer better rates for you but also assess and compare using research tools to guide you in selecting the most affordable option. Additionally, they notify you every day if the cost of flights travelling your selected route is reduced.

Keep up with the latest discounts and offers — Get alerts from airline websites when a flight you are interested in flies for the cheapest price by subscribing to those websites. After looking for a flight, you can usually create a price alert on the majority of the top flight search engines.

With any luck, reading this blog has introduced you to some fresh strategies you can use to start setting some money aside for your upcoming getaway. Keep in mind that flight prices are constantly prone to change and not always within your control, so if you find one that's budget-friendly, don't wait to buy!