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The Ones To Follow 2020: Off The Path from Germany

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Every one of us likes to travel, discover new places or just relax on the beach. On the way, you always meet the best people and some of us have made friends for life. This has proven a bit more difficult this year. Slowly, our fingers are itching and we would like to go somewhere new. Time to get some travel inspiration. And where better to do that than on Instagram? We've put together the best travel blogs of 2020, which whet our appetite for summer, sun, sea and beaches!

This week on The Ones To Follow 2020: Line and Sebastian from Off the Path! This blog post is particularly interesting for lovers of the outdoors and all those who are looking for extraordinary and unique travel experiences. Together with their dog Finley, Sebastian and Line are always looking for a new adventure, which they document on their blog and on Instagram. Impressive is often an understatement with their photos!

Introducing Line and Sebastian - Off the Path

Off the Path - Blog

What's the story behind Off the Path?

We are Sebastian and Line from Off The Path and love adventure! Our blog exists since 2011 and has already inspired many to plunge into their very own adventure. On our travels we look for special moments, moments that make you smile and stay in your memory forever: be it the dawn over the mountains, an encounter with wild elephants or a jump from a plane. Apart from road trips and long-distance journeys, we also like to discover the adventure in our home country and since the beginning of this year we are on the road with our dog Finley.

Where were you when lockdown was announced in Germany (or your country of residence) and what did you do?

When it was announced that the borders would be closed, we were at home in Germany. The closing of the border was of course quite a shock for us at first, as we - like probably most people - would not have expected such drastic measures and always had the freedom to travel whenever and wherever we wanted. But since the borders were closed for a good reason, we were quickly able to come to terms with it.

How did you spend your time during confinement?

Fortunately we live in the middle of the mountains, in the beautiful Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and have adventures right on our doorstep. From our flat we have a view of the surrounding peaks and can march directly into the countryside. On the one hand we spent the time playing with our dog and going for walks a lot and on the other hand we used the lockdown to write a new book with the coolest micro adventures in Germany.

Was the transition from frequent travel to staying home for so long difficult?

We are quite spontaneous people and in the past we have often left quite spontaneously, whether for a hike in the Alps, a road trip through Spain or even a flight to Asia. Not being able to live out this spontaneity felt very restrictive at first. On the other hand, we couldn't be that spontaneous during the lockdown, as we had just bought a puppy shortly before, with which we wanted to stay at home for most of the first months anyway - so in the end our Finley distracted us from the shutdown quite well. :)

Did you have any flights booked that were later cancelled due to the pandemic? How did the airline behave in this scenario?

Sebastian was supposed to fly to Canada in March and have some adventures in the snow, but then he had to stay home with Finley and me. The flights were cancelled by the airline without further ado and there were no problems with the subsequent handling.

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What do you miss most about travelling?

What we missed most was the feeling of freedom and independence that comes up immediately when you travel, as soon as you have closed the front door behind you. We also missed the many new impressions and people you meet when travelling.

What haven't you missed about the trips?

Packing and unpacking!

What has been the longest delay or most frustrating cancellation you've had and how has it affected the rest of your trip? 

We were once delayed for two hours on our flight to Doha, which caused us to miss our connecting flight to Tokyo and ultimately resulted in a total flight delay of 24 hours. Unfortunately, this meant that we missed a whole day in Japan's capital.

Did you know that you can claim compensation of up to 600 euros for delayed or cancelled flights in Europe?

Yes, because for our delayed flight to Tokyo we actually got this money as compensation!

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Where would you like to travel to as soon as possible and if you already have plans, when are you leaving?

Next we are planning a road trip through Europe, where we will take our Finley with us and experience some unforgettable adventures together. For this trip we have bought a new vehicle and will be busy with the conversion in the next weeks - but we can't tell you more about it ;)

We would like to thank Line and Sebastian for their participation in The Ones To Follow 2020 and we are definitely looking forward to what they'll share with us during their new adventures with Finley. Curious about their stories and photos?

Fancy practising your German? Here is one of our personal favourites from their blog:

10 beautiful places you will see in Austria by bike

Got the travel bug, too?

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