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The Ones to Follow 2020 - Tobias Hoiten

Friday, July 24, 2020

Everyone of us likes to travel, discover new places or just relax on the beach. On the way you always meet the best people and some of us have made friends for life. This has proven a bit more difficult this year. Slowly, our fingers are itching and we would actually like to go somewhere new. Time to get some travel inspiration. And where better to do that than on Instagram? We've put together the best travel blogs of 2020, which really whet our appetite for summer, sun, sea and beaches!

Today, Tobias will begin by showcasing his blog Over there, and on Instagram also, he has been showing the beauty of nature and all the cities he has already visited in unique photos for several years. His goal is to visit all 47 countries in Europe, 19 of which he has already seen!

Tobias Holten Interview

The interview with Tobias Hoiten

Hi, Tobias. Tell us a little bit about you and your blog.

My name is Tobias Hoiten and I came about four years ago to travel and photograph. Actually, at the beginning I just wanted to show some nice pictures from my home in Northern Germany on my Instagram (@tobiashoiten). But then I got on a plane for the first time and my horizon suddenly broadened. Since then, I travel a lot and love to it and I am always looking for the most beautiful photo motifs and lasting memories in Europe. For a good three years I have been reporting on my blog about my travels and giving concrete travel tips about the respective destination!

Where were you when Germany closed the borders and how did you deal with it?

Luckily I was in my home country in Northern Germany, but I was just preparing for a trip to Romania, which would have happened right in this period. I even cancelled the trip before the lockdown, a few days later there were quarantine rules in Romania, so I would have had to go into quarantine there for 14 days. Then the lockdown came right away and I was glad that I wasn't on the road yet.

How did you spend your time in lockdown?

I gathered a lot of strength and energy on the couch at home and in the garden. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible to visit or receive friends. After two weeks in lockdown I started to work on pictures from my past trips. Also nice, because otherwise I would not have gotten around to it.

Was it difficult for you to suddenly not be able to travel and have to stay at home instead?

It wasn't so hard at first. But after a month I totally missed taking pictures. So I travelled a lot in my home country to photograph the milky way at the beach or mills with canola fields. Photo subjects that I have had on my scope for a long time, but which I never really shot in the years before.

Had you already booked flights that were then cancelled due to the coronavirus? How did the airline deal with the situation?

Yes, I was going to Indonesia this summer. But due to travel restrictions the airline cancelled the flights a few weeks ago without any problems.

*If you have also been affected, read more on your rights if your flight is cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic.

What do you miss most about traveling?

I think the variety and capturing of great moments. Travelling gives me an incredible amount of strength, because it is precisely these memories that I usually draw on for weeks and months afterwards. To capture these moments in pictures is what I have missed the most so far.

What do you miss least about traveling?

The other way round actually, I missed everything about traveling.

What was your longest flight delay and how did the delay affect your journey?

Last year my flight from Hamburg to Bordeaux on the way to the airport was cancelled without replacement. That was a shock at first. When I arrived at the airport after a good two hours, there was at least one replacement flight via Paris to Bordeaux. Unfortunately with a four-hour stay in Paris, so instead of arriving around noon I arrived in Bordeaux only in the evening and had nothing more from the first day.

Did you know that you can claim up to 600 euros compensation for delayed or cancelled flights?

Yes, I've heard about this before, but honestly I've never really cared about it.

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Where is your next journey and when does it start?

Hopefully in summer to Croatia - enjoy a few days of sun and a change of scenery.

We would like to thank Tobias for his participation and the enthusiasm he has shown for the project! Here is one of our personal favorites from his blog:

5 days London: the perfect plan to discover all the highlights

Where are you going next?

Maybe Tobias was able to put you in the mood for travelling and now you feel like exploring a new country yourself! That may be a bit more difficult this year, but it is not impossible. And don't forget, even if your flight is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, you still have the right to get your money back from the airline. You need help with that? Then check your flight quickly and easily in our free claims calculator and we will take care of your refund:

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