Virgin Atlantic: Passenger gives First-Class seat to older woman

One may say that the Christmas spirit really presented itself in the gesture of one individual on a Virgin Atlantic flight. On a flight from London to New York at the start of the month, one man gave away his First-Class seat to an 88-year-old lady, who had always dreamed of flying First-Class. Imagine someone giving up their seat in First-Class for you!


What happened on the Virgin Atlantic flight?

At the start of the month, a younger gentleman named Jack, who had purchased the First-Class seat on a flight with Virgin Atlantic, gave away his seat. Their friendship had sparked at the airport where the two were about to board their aeroplane from London to New York.


Why did the man give away his First-Class seat?


Jack was booked onto Virgin Atlantic flight on which he had booked a First-Class seat with his parents. The retired nurse, who is originally from the UK, was booked onto the same flight from London to New York but was meant to travel in economy class. Jack thought the 88-year-old lady would “get more” out of a First-Class seat than he would and happily gave up his seat, to grant her this special experience.


Virgin Atlantic cabin crew member shares heartwarming story on social media


Amy, the flight attendant that shared this story with the world, describes Jack giving away his seat due to the “kindness of his own heart, no one asked him to”. The flight attendant then went on to share pictures of the cabin crew and the elderly lady, claiming Violet had requested a picture to have proof for the story she would, later on, be telling her daughter, who she was travelling to see in New York.


The First-Class on a Virgin Atlantic flight

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic offers a great experience in First-Class and for the airline secures itself the 5th rank on the top 5 airlines in Europe for First Class flights. The British airline brands its first class by calling it the ‘Upper Class’, which is targeted at business passengers that frequently fly. What makes the airline secure 5th place is that it creates a more informal but still professional First Class atmosphere.


If you wish to learn more about the First Class in Virgin Atlantic, then visit our blog post on the Top 5 Airlines in Europe for First Class flights.


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