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Brexit: Top 5 UK autumn destinations that will not affect your holiday travels

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

With the upcoming Brexit chaos looming over us, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding EU travel destinations. We are left to contemplate whether it's wise to book journeys to EU countries before we know what happens regarding the UK leaving the EU on the 31st of October 2019.

Good news! There is no need to worry about your Autumn getaway because we have created a list of the top 5 UK destinations in Autumn so that you can travel in the UK without having to worry about Brexit affecting your well-deserved break.

5. London

London in autumn

Number five on our list belongs to the capital city. London has to be in every list of cities as it is simply impossible to leave out this multi-faceted metropolis. Regardless of the season, London is an adventure for everyone who has never been. However, especially in autumn, the city, normally overcrowded during the summer months, quietens down and brings out its natural side.

Yes, London is a busy city with nearly 8.2 million inhabitants but the many cared-for parks bring out a side of the city that is particularly beautiful, especially during the autumn months. It is well known that London isn’t the cheapest destination, but autumn is a cheaper time to visit than Summer when the city can not only get crowded but also very hot and stuffy. Especially during the months of September, October and November, Regents Park in the city centre provides a distraction from the business of the city. The leaves change colour and turn the park into a yellow and red wonderland that looks miraculous with some warm autumn sunshine!

London’s Museum Night is an experience all in its own. During, you can explore some of London’s top museums at night. Highlights of this are centred around Halloween, with spooky tours, film screenings, and captivating workshops.

For a typical rainy autumn day in London, the Harry Potter World is the perfect distraction from the rain and the miserable weather outside. In the museum that is dedicated to all Harry Potter fans, you can exhibit props that were used in the movies and sit in the ‘Great Hall’, where Harry faced the sorting hat in the first movie of Harry Potter series

4. The Lake District (Cumbria)

The Lake District in autumn

Number 4 on our list is the Lake District in Cumbria. This area is situated in the north-west of England and is famous for its rich wildlife and nature, making it a world heritage site. Additionally, the area is a lot quieter in autumn with all the kids back in school and fewer families on holiday. This makes an autumn getaway to the Lake District even more worth it during the season in which you’ll be able to fully appreciate how peaceful nature can be.

The ‘Taste Cumbria’ food festival offers locally produced goods as well as talks, masterclasses and pop-up restaurants, perfect for a family day out! The festival is a great way for people to try a new type of food that they may not have considered buying before and generate support for local farmers. Autumn in the area of Penrith features bonfires, animations and other entertainment such as music that celebrates the new season and the area’s harvest.

Especially in November, campfires are a popular attraction with bonfire night being the main event in November. The traditional celebration is started with a large bonfire and followed by firework displays. These are organized in many communities across the Lake District and all have their own specialities and entertainment. BBQ, as well as sweet treats, are guaranteed and it will surely be a night to remember!

Wildlife lovers will enjoy the Lake District the most as this area really encourages you to get out and explore nature. This can be done around Buttermere Lake, which holds mountains but also a stunning view of the lake and the rich wildlife. There is a footpath running around the perimeter of the lake which is the perfect trail for any hiker or passionate walker.

3. Bath

Bath in autumn

In third place on our list of the Top 5 UK destinations for autumn, one finds the city of Bath.  Situated in the south-west of England, Bath offers not only nature and wildlife but also historic buildings, stunning architecture and various other opportunities to explore the culture. During the autumn months, Bath features temperatures of 10-16 degrees Celsius.

During Fall, Bath holds the Great Bath Feast which is a food festival based around seasonal goods. This festival happens in September, where ‘Baths Edible Adventures’ take customer straight through the food festival as part of a tour that takes place every night, during the 2-week festival.

The city of Bath organises walking festivals to not only let visitors socialise with locals but also to move and explore the area. Led by knowledgeable walk leaders, this activity offers a choice of 24 free walks that will show you around Bath and allow you to explore more than the typical tourist attractions.

If you, however, wish to visit the tourist attractions then the famous Roman Baths, that have given the city its name, are a great place to start. Crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Roman Baths are open to visitors and guided tours are helpful when wanting to know more about the history of the bathhouses. The architecture of the Temple and other sites, created by the Romans, are a must-see in this city!

If you haven’t had enough of historical activities yet then Bath Abbey is the right place for you to go next. The old parish church is located in the city centre and easily accessible by public transport. On a typical rainy autumn day, this church can provide the most atmospheric shelter and entertainment.

2. The New Forest (Hampshire)

New Forest in autumn

The national park is a great destination if you enjoy the great outdoors and don’t mind being outside and wrapping up for a rainy autumn day. You wouldn’t like to miss out on seeing the pannage pigs feeding amongst the acorns. This is the only place in the UK where you can see this happening. Due to the many acorn trees, the pigs feed on the seeds of this tree and prevent the New Forest ponies from eating these, which are poisonous to this wild horse breed. Imagine seeing wild pigs!

The Exbury Gardens in the New Forest provide a fun day out for families as well as nature lovers. It is famous for its impressive Rothschild flower collection. The Garden focuses on all aspects of nature and also organises bird watching walks. The majestic steam train adds excitement and takes visitors through the stunning scenery of the Garden, this is, without doubt, an enjoyable event for kids.

However, if the autumn weather forces you to change your plans, then you might want to consider checking into a Luxury Spa in the New Forest. For example, Chewton Glen provides luxury treehouse suites in which you can enjoy the peace and be at one with nature at the same time. If you wish to invest in this luxury aspect of the New Forest then you definitely will not be disappointed.

The Pig Hotel is a hidden gem situated right inside the New Forest and is perfect for afternoon tea after a long walk in the forest. The menu provides variations of local products and offers several different local wines that agree to every preference. All in all, the perfect Sunday activity.

Every year the New Forest locals organize the New Forest Walking Festival, which is an event that takes place across the whole forest for a fortnight in October. You can pick your choice from 73 walks and trails that are perfect for passionate hikers and outdoor enthusiast alike.

1. Edinburgh (Scotland)

Edinburgh in autumn

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is, deservedly if we may add, at the top of our list of UK autumn destinations. During these months, Edinburgh will be free from hordes of people that crowd the old city during the summer. Especially during the Fringe Festival, the city becomes almost inaccessible. However, during the autumn months, the city provides an atmosphere that is a lot calmer.

Yes, admittedly, the weather in Scotland during the autumn months isn’t always dry, it will most certainly rain, but if you are prepared then a trip to this city shall make your UK autumn getaway an amazing experience. Edinburgh Castle, situated right in the heart of the city, seems more majestic in dim light and creates a gloomier ambience in moody weather.

If you climb up to Arthur’s Seat on Calton Hill then you’ll be able to get a stunning view of the city. This is the highest point within the city itself, attracting many visitors to this particular spot all year round.

For those of us who don’t enjoy physical activities as much, St. Giles Cathedral is the perfect place to spend a rainy morning. Even if you’re not religious, the atmosphere in the church invites you to just sit and admire the greatness of the place, with the beautiful interior and stunning artwork on the ceiling.

Even more cultural knowledge can be acquired in the city’s many museums of which a large range is free. Furthermore, during the fall, Edinburgh theatre is proud of presenting new shows and acts that are perfect for an evening activity.

If you love Halloween, then a trip to Edinburgh in October offers you a range of spooky activities to choose from. On 31st October, the city hosts a horror festival to everyone that loves this time of the year. In addition to many Halloween parties, the city offers many underground activities that make Halloween an even spookier event! Edinburgh is an old city and, therefore, has a long history of paranormal activity.

Bonfire night in Edinburgh is always a much-anticipated spectacle! Every year on the 5th November the city shines brightly in a display of pyrotechnics and, additionally, a bonfire on Calton Hill can be seen from the grounds of the city.

Edinburgh true and well has it all! Autumn is a great time to visit the capital of Scotland as it has loads of different opportunities to enjoy it, suited towards all activity preferences and tastes. Not only does Edinburgh have a grand history but it also exhibits old Scottish traditions from bagpipes to Haggis, which will create a feeling of home away from home

Recap: List of Top 5 UK autumn destinations

  1. London
  2. The Lake District
  3. Bath
  4. The New Forest
  5. Edinburgh

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