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4 tips to get through the security checks at the airport quickly

Monday, July 22, 2019

You left a tad late for the airport,  perhaps you got stuck in traffic or when you finally arrived at the airport you found an enormous queue at the security checkpoint. Don’t panic! is here to assist you and give you 4 handy tips to get you through the security check as soon as possible!

Long queues, strict rules, an overabundance of rolling suitcases and bags... these are the first things you think about when you're on your way to the security check at the airport. Often it can also take some time to get it over with, which can cause some stress. Especially if you are afraid that you will miss your flight. These tips can help you to get through the security check as smoothly as possible!

How to pass through airport security checkpoints quickly and easily

1. Know the rules beforehand

Most passengers should now be aware that liquids in containers of more than 100 ml are not allowed on board. Less than 100 ml of liquid can be carried in a container locked in a plastic bag in your hand luggage. Prepare yourself for this at home, it will save your time at the airport.

How to get to your airport gate faster

2. Follow the instructions at the security checkpoint

Laptops and other electronic devices often have to be removed from your hand luggage during the security check. Make sure you have already taken off your scarf, belt, vest or coat. This way you will beat the security officer for to it, who will probably also be grateful to you for that.

How to reach your airport gate faster:

3. Make sure you don't leave any liquids in your luggage (not even that half-full water bottle!)

Before entering the queue, do a final check: do you have anything in your hand baggage that could cause problems? Not only is it embarrassing for security staff to fish a water bottle out of your bag, it also makes you wait longer. By checking whether your bag is security-check proof, you save yourself and the staff at the airport a lot of time! Pro tip: drink all the water from a bottle before the checkpoint and then re-fill it when waiting at the gate. Especially when flying with a low-cost airline.

4. Choose the right-hand queue (it tends to be faster)

It is often the case that the security staff will point out a row or line to you in the security check. If you have a choice, it is advisable to check who is standing in front of you in the queue. Our personal tip: always stand in line behind business travellers. They generally travel a lot, they know the processes well and know how to go through security checks in a jiffy. Avoid queues with larger groups, families or travellers that you suspect will take a long time to complete. For example: the backpacking-adventurer with the water bottle sticking completely out of their backpack...

How to reach your airport gate more quickly!

Remember these simple tips and surely you’ll sail through the scanners and x-ray machines! You're happy, security staff are happy: you can go on holiday without worries.

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