Top 5 airlines most often on-time in Europe during 2018

Saturday, February 2, 2019

During 2018, we’ve seen an increase in the number of delays and cancellations around Europe. For some airlines, almost 40 percent of all their flights were delayed or cancelled. If you want to know which airlines had the worst punctuality scores, you can see our blog post: Europe's most unpunctual airlines.

On this occasion, however, we would like to congratulate the airlines that have operated with the best on-time performance (OTP). We consider them as the role models for the industry in Europe. Then we are here to provide you with some answers.

Which airlines are the ones that operate with the fewer delays in Europe?

In other words, which were the most punctual in 2018? The list has been compiled with our data and sorts the airlines according by the average number of flights operated on time (OTP). Okay, without further ado, here's the list:

1. SunExpress Germany with 83% of its flights operated on time

The company in charge of connecting Germany with a overabundance of sunny destinations, mainly in Turkey, has curiously defeated both Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, its parent companies. If you don't want to risk wasting time in the sun due to a delay or cancellation, SunExpress Germany is your best option. From the UK, you can only fly with them if you travel from London to one of their 9 destinations in Turkey. If you wish to spend some time under the sun this winter and if you live in London, then have a look at their flights.

2. Iberia Express with 83% of its flights operated on time

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Also outperforming its parent company, Iberia Express has generally managed to get its job done on time. When it comes to paying compensation for the delays and cancellations that their passengers have suffered, this is another story. However, the low-cost arm of the Spanish giant has proven that things can be done very well if that's what you want. Perhaps British Airways (also part of the IAG) should take notice.

3. Jet2, with an on-time performance of 82%

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Another low-cost company on our list. The airline that seeks to transport passengers from the UK to a vast list of destinations at a reasonable price also does so without a great deal of delay. We commend them! However, if your Jet2 flight has been delayed or cancelled, you are still entitled to compensation!

4. Virgin Atlantic Airways, 82%.

Another considerably large British company. Most impressive is that this company focuses entirely on transatlantic flights. With most of their flights giving passengers the right to receive 600 euros in compensation in the event of delay or cancellation, Virgin do have an incentive to operate all their flights on time.

5. TUIfly with 81% of its flights operated on time

The British and German holiday consortium, which also operates intercontinental flights, finishes our top 5. TUIfly connects several British cities with destinations in Spain, specialising in selling holiday packages to its customers. It frequently operates flights to tropical islands where relaxing and enjoying the good weather is a priority.

Statistics show that smaller airlines, in particular, can demonstrate good performance. This is due to the fact that their flight schedules are usually not as tight and, therefore, a delay or cancellation has a minor impact on subsequent flights.

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*Turkey, the preferred destination for SunExpress Germany

With the exception of KLM (around 80 % of their flights operated on time), large airlines tend to be in the middle or even at the end of the punctuality table. However, these airlines also have an advantage: although delays are more frequent, they can often be resolved more quickly because there are more aircraft and staff available to tend to them. Capacities that small airlines normally do not have.

To conclude, and according to the percentage of flights operated on time, this is then the top 5 of the most punctual airlines in Europe during 2018:

  1. SunExpress Germany (83%)
  2. Iberia Express (83%)
  3. Jet2 (82%)
  4. Virgin Atlantic Airways (82%)
  5. TUIfly (82%)

Flight delayed or cancelled with one of these airlines? Claim your compensation

All the above mentioned airlines fall under the jurisdiction of the regulation CE 261/2004. This means that if one of their flights has been delayed or cancelled, they have to compensate you. Of course, if the disruption was not caused by an extraordinary circumstance. You can file your claim with Flight-Delayed and we will ensure that the airline to pays your compensation. Even if we have to go to court. Best of all, you only pay our 25% success rate if we can effectively claim your compensation! Don't wait any longer, check your flight for free:

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