Please welcome our new global brand: Yource! – Green Claim is no more


We stand for a personal approach and ensure that you get what you are rightfully entitled to.


Today, January 7th, 2019, is an important day for us: the name of our parent companies Green Claim B.V. and GmbH have changed into Yource B.V. and Yource GmbH. We want to give you more insight into why this happened and what this will mean for you as a (potential) customer.


Our company was founded in 2010 under the name Green Claim B.V. which we established in The Netherlands. Soon after, we expanded and launched more websites in different languages to help passengers all throughout Europe and the world. This resulted in us operating different websites in 9 different countries. We’ve used and will continue to use local domains, such as, and, to ensure that everyone enjoys the optimal local experience accompanied by the best service available. We are now transforming into Yource in order to become one global brand. This means that the same high-quality service will be guaranteed all over the world.

In a practical manner, there are no big changes. The only distinction is that we will sign our letters with a different entity name. The same claim specialists will help you, with the same way of working. Furthermore, our fantastic legal partners in all countries will remain the same.

The reason why we started this big adventure in the first place is the fact that we realized that sometimes things just don’t go as planned while travelling. Yource, our new brand, helps passengers receive the personal support and attention required when something unexpected happens. We stand for a personal approach and ensure that you get what you are rightfully entitled to.

Changing our name into Yource may seem like a small step, but becoming a global brand means much more than that. We will fight for passenger rights even harder and stronger than ever before. We are here to help.



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