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The 17 biggest annoyances during a flight according to passengers

Friday, December 28, 2018

Air travel is no longer for the rich. You don't have to sit tightly in your suit and neatly in your seat anymore and that's noticeable. That's why Genfare sent out a survey to map out the biggest annoyances when travelling by plane.

According to the survey, 64 percent of travellers think it's okay to take off their shoes during the flight and 20 percent think it's okay to take off their socks. Not okay, folks! What annoys travellers the most is kicking your seat. 54 percent of respondents were most annoyed by this. Which we don't think is very strange either. In other words, stop kicking the seats!

This is the list of annoyances while flying, in order of course:

  1. Seat being kicked: 54 percent
  2. Crying babies/children: 27 per cent
  3. Body odour: 26 percent
  4. Talkative fellow passenger: 23 percent
  5. Inattentive parents: 21 per cent
  6. Drunk passengers: 18 percent
  7. Chair leaning back: 17 percent
  8. Snoring: 15 percent
  9. Hurrying to get out of the plane: 15 percent
  10. Adjustable chair: 15 percent
  11. Feet up: 13 percent
  12. Strong smelling food: 11 percent
  13. Man-spreading: 7 percent
  14. Passengers taking off their shoes or socks: 6 per cent
  15. Bright screens on phones: 3 percent
  16. Non-service dogs: 2 percent
  17. Careless dressing: 1 percent

Fortunately, the travellers who had completed the survey had enough tips to counteract the annoyances. You can just ignore talkative passengers, put on your headphones just start watching a movie. However, to that one percent that said that “careless dressing” is one of the most annoying things about flying, we honestly have no answer to that and can barely understand what it means.

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