3 travel hacks to prevent airport stress

If there is a breeding ground for stress in this world, it is an airport. Luckily enough, you can do something about it when you are about to board a plane. However probably it is that you will enjoy a great holiday and trip, you first need to navigate the perils of an airport and complete the quest that becomes reaching your boarding gate.


You’ve left home wondering if you’ve brought everything you need with you. Triple-checked your pockets due to that inverse phantom-passport feeling. And now, finally, you’ve crossed the revolving doors and entered the airport. You can smell the anxiety of thousands of people hoping that their travels won’t be disrupted. By fault of their own, or due to an overly angry airline staffer. A suitcase flies past you at around 30 km/h and you notice that its owner is … riding it? What? You start walking towards the check-in counter in complete zen. Why? Well because you’ve read this blog post and now you know the secrets to stress-free travelling!


Travel hack number 1! Get to the airport early (BE. ON. TIME!)


We know that it is an obvious one, but we do want to stress, pun intended, the importance of being early at the airport sufficiently. If you do arrive early, you can already dismiss half of all the possible problems. Furthermore, all the upgrades tend to be assigned to early-bird customers. So, avoid being denied boarding or having issues with your baggage; more importantly, perhaps even throw your name in the hat for being upgraded to business class! All of this just by being there on time.


Tips for travelling airport


Travel hack number 2! Pack for the security checkpoint


We are surprised by how many passengers are still reclassifying their hand luggage at the security checkpoint. You probably already know the rules so try to pack your carry-on luggage accordingly. Keep in mind the following thoughts:


  • Have the right millilitres of liquids sealed neatly in a transparent bag. If you don’t need them for the trip, might as well leave it at home
  • If you need to keep your medicine with you at all times, tell the security agent right away
  • Devices like laptops, tablets and cameras need to be taken out of your bag
  • If you are wearing boots, you’ll probably have to take them off, just as your belt
  • Empty your pockets and put everything on the tray


You’ve flown through the security checkpoint, Congratulations! Now it’s time to re-pack everything again. If you’ve followed our initial tip, you can take your time. There are plenty of tables where you can quietly pack everything as you would have done at home. It is not a race to the plane and you don’t want to forget your passport or phone. So take your time, there is no rush.


Tips for the airport


Travel hack number 3! Be prepared for the worst


Flight delays and cancellations happen very often, so be prepared for them. We can help you out with claiming compensation if your flight has been delayed or cancelled. However, you should prepare if you need to spend some extra time at the airport. You can always download some movies or shows to your phone or tablet. Pack a book or a couple of magazines. We also recommend getting travel insurance at the same time while you’re booking your trip. The worst cases we’ve dealt normally include horrible stories from passengers explaining that they’ve missed out on a whole holiday trip because of a flight cancellation. Be prepared!


Has your flight been delayed or cancelled? Did you arrive with a significant delay to your final destination? Even if this happened while connecting outside of the EU, your rights are still covered if you were flying from the EU or with a European airline! You can check your flight for free and then choose to submit your claim with Flight-Delayed. Best of all, our 25% win fee will cover all the costs associated with claiming your compensation, even the legal ones! So, do not wait any longer and exercise your rights:


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