Did you know that your right to compensation is valid even after years? Don't miss the opportunity!

Knowing how much time you have available to submit your claim for compensation for a delayed flight, cancelled or denied boarding, is essential to not miss the opportunity to be properly compensated in case of a disruption


From the date in which the event took place, passengers have a well-defined period of time to present their claim. It varies from country to country and it also depends on the nationality of the airline. For Italian carriers it is possible to make a claim for compensation up to 3 years after the flight is delayed, cancelled or denied boarding. For a Belgian airline, however, the deadline is one year; if it is German 3, while for most European countries the standard remains 2 years.


Claim compensation after years for flight delay or cancellation


How much time do I have to claim compensation for a flight delay or cancellation?


Luckily however, for the United Kingdom and Ireland the timeframe is 6 years.


If you are not sure about how much time you’ve got to present your claim, you can check your flight with our claim calculator and find out if you are still in time to enforce your rights:




Does this timeframe also cover if I’ve been denied boarding due to overbooking?


Yes, you can also claim compensation if you’ve been unjustly denied boarding. Just make sure to keep a copy of your travel documents.


Timing is everything if you want to claim your flight compensation


Once you have submitted your claim to Flight-Delayed.co.uk, our team of experts will verify the case and confirm that the legal requirements to proceed have been met. Once the complaint has been validated and found suitable, the actual complaint procedure begins. We will act as an intermediary between the passenger and the airline, negotiating and corresponding with the latter on behalf of the customer.


The time taken to obtain compensation varies according to the situation. It can take up to 1 year for the most complex cases. In fact, the air company may refuse to award the passenger what he or she is entitled to and therefore we will have to initiate legal proceedings.


Until when can I claim compensation for my flight delayed in the UK?


We know it may sound like a hassle and lengthy procedure. That’s where Flight-Delayed.co.uk comes in. If you choose to submit your claim with us, we’ll take care of absolutely everything and even take the airline to court. All under our 25% no win no fee agreement. That means that we will take over all of the risk also.


So remember, if you’ve had a flight delayed or cancelled in the last 6 years, you may be very well entitled to compensation of up to £530.00. Submit your claim and we’ll start working on it right away!


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