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The 6 most bizarre delay stories of summer 2018

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A pilot bitten by a fish, a runaway passenger and a mouse infestation in the plane. We'll prove that it has been a very remarkable summer, when it comes to flight delays and cancellations at least, due to these 6 bizarre delay stories.

Delays are always a waste of time. It doesn't matter why your flight leaves late, you just want to be on holiday, home or on time for that important appointment. Yet the reasons behind the delay are sometimes worth knowing, even if just to get a kick out of it.

Take, for example, these six bizarre delay stories that we received this summer. From a bitten pilot (by a fish) to a bitten stewardess (by a passenger), and from a plague of mice to an inexplicable bang. However funny they may sounds, most of the times the consequences are of great importance: bridesmaids miss the wedding, a BMX-pro misses the World Cup and an applicant is too late for her interview. In almost all cases we were able to successfully start the process of claiming compensation for their delays. So here they come, the weirdest stories of the summer:

Strangest delay stories 2018

Pilot swimming in Mauritius was bitten by monster fish

A pilot wanted to go for a swim, it’s safe to say that he should not have done so; he was bitten by a huge fish and was taken to the hospital. Another pilot had to be flown in and the flight was delayed 14 hours. Compensation: €600 per passenger.

Mouse infestation in aircraft

Mice in your chair, mice in the toilet, mice, mice, mice, mice! A Finnair aircraft was so full of rodents that it had to be quarantined for 24 hours to become completely mouse-free again. The airline did not feel responsible, the judge ruled otherwise. Compensation: €600 per passenger.

Bridesmaids miss wedding

Due to a delay of 6.5 hours, all four bridesmaids arrived too late for the wedding of their best friend, for which they had taken the plane to Spain especially early. The airline tried to make up for the loss of this important day with a 10 euro voucher to have something to eat at the airport, the nerve! Compensation: €400 per passenger.

Passenger bites stewardess

Yes, seriously. A passenger is so afraid to fly that he decides to get off just before departure. In his fear he bites the stewardess who wants to stop him. The commotion prevents the aircraft from taking off, the pilot reaches his maximum flying hours and a colleague must be called up. The flight was therefore delayed by 5 hours. Compensation: extraordinary circumstances, no compensation.

BMX-pro misses the world championship

During take-off, passengers, including a BMX-pro on its way to the World Championship in Baku, hear a loud bang. One of the engines failed and the aircraft must reverse. After 6 hours, the flight will be operated with another aircraft. Unfortunately, the luggage with the BMX bicycle will not join for the flight. Compensation: €600 per passenger.

Candidate misses job interview

Due to a delay of 4 hours, an applicant’s plans are completely ruined. She missed her transfer and the job interview. Compensation: €250 per passenger.

In all of these scenarios, the delays had great consequences on the passengers. The frustration over being delayed and your plans being disrupted can be lessened by the fact that you may be entitled to receive compensation for your disruption. If your flight has been delayed or cancelled and you wish to know if you are entitled to compensation, submit your claim with We will take care of everything and you will only have to pay our 25% win fee if we succeed! Exercise your rights:

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