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Pilot has 40 pizzas delivered for delayed passengers

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Dallas had to make a stopover because of the bad weather, so the flight could only be continued the next day. Passengers expected a long night, but nothing could be further from the truth. The pilot of the flight had 40 pizzas delivered to the passengers, to make the waiting more pleasant.

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The American Airlines pilot had 159 passengers on board and placed a huge order for them all at the local pizzeria Papa John’s. 40 pizzas were delivered at the airport. The captain then brought all the pizzas himself to the waiting passengers as shown in the video.

The pilot reacted later: "This was a team performance. My co-pilot was busy with hotel reservations, the stewardesses went around with water, juice and soft drinks for all passengers. Thanks to everyone who helped!

The plane could finally leave the next morning.

Passengers flying a domestic route in the EU cannot are not protected by European Regulation 261/2004. However, if your flight has been delayed or cancelled and you were flying to the EU and with a EU carrier, you may be entitled to compensation. We here at will assist you and take care of the whole ordeal if you wish to submit your claim with us.

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