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Top 3 recommendations when travelling at the end of the Summer and beginning of Autumn

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Summer is almost over, we have to face it and move on. Colder days are just around the corner and with that little fact all of our summer clothes and gear must go back into the closet from where they came from. However, if you are planning to holding on to those few last days of sunshine, we’ve got some recommendations:

Travel with insurance due to high amounts of flight delays and cancellations

Even though this may sound as an all-year-round tip, the amount of disruptions that occur during the last few weeks of the summer is still considerable. Troubles with your travelling plans could mean lots of money wasted due to unused reservations. Or just because you arrived at your destination a couple of days later than expected. We recommend purchasing travel insurance especially when you are covering a big distance with your flight.

Top 3 recommendations travelling autumn

Avoid flying over the Atlantic Ocean or you might just suffer a flight cancellation

Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean starts, officially, in June and it ends with November. Between late September and early October is the worst time to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes and Tropical storms mean a great amount of flight cancellations and delays. If you really want to visit that dreamy Caribbean island that you’ve been thinking of for months now, perhaps you should consider a trip in January and also escape the winter for a while.

Don’t book that flight, or hotel, just yet!

Disregarding your final destination, play a little bit with the dates in which you are planning to travel. A big variety of hotels, airlines, tours, cruises, etc. cut-down their prices when peak season is over. Travelling a week after than what you had planned could mean saving around 20% on lodging and flying.

Tips for travelling in fall

Extra: wear your boots and jacket while flying.

Spare some space in your luggage when flying. Especially when taking low-cost airlines’ flights. If you are planning a hiking trip, for example, you may just be able to fit everything you need into that little cabin approved backpack, but only if you don’t need to occupy half of it with your humongous hiking boots of yours.

One final recommendation! If your flight has ever been delayed or cancelled and you’ve had no success with claiming your compensation. Let us take care of it for you. specialises in claiming compensation for air passengers whose flight has been delayed or cancelled. We know all the in and outs of the industry and we will gladly make sure your rights are respected and honoured. Best of all, our win fee of 25% of the total amount claimed will only apply once we’ve successfully claimed your compensation:

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