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What is the longest flight in the world? Here’s the top 6

Friday, August 17, 2018

We've all asked ourselves the same question, especially when we've already been sitting in the same seat for 7 hours and watched almost 3 movies, what will be the longest flight in the world? Okay, we'll try to answer your question here:

At approximately 18 hours, United's flight from Los Angeles to Singapore is the second longest non-stop flight you can take. During the trip, you travel 14,113 kilometres. Other flights travel a longer distance, but because of the winds the plane faces when flying west, United's flight time is longer than the others.

In the coming months we are sure to see new entries on the list of the longest commercial flights you can take as new developments in aviation technology will allow for longer uninterrupted travel. But in the meantime, here is a list of the 5 longest flights you can actually take right now.

Qatar Airways: Auckland (AKL) – Doha (DOH)

Duration: 18 hours 20 minutes

Distance: 14,535 kilometres

United Airlines: Los Angeles (LAX) - Singapore (SIN)

Duration: 17 hours 55 minutes

Distance: 14,113 kilometres

Singapore Airlines / United Airlines: San Francisco (SFO) – Singapore (SIN)

Duration: 17 hours 35 minutes

Distance: 13,594 kilometres

Qantas: Perth (PER) – London (LHR)

Duration: 17 hours 20 minutes

Distance: 14,483 kilometres

Emirates: Auckland (AKL) - Dubai (DXB)

Duration: 17 hours 5 minutes

Distance: 13,502 kilometres

Qantas: Dallas (DFW) - Sydney (SYD)

Duration: 17 hours

Distance: 13,581 kilometres

We have to admit that the distance these uninterrupted flights cover is amazing. as well as the immensity of the Pacific Ocean. can you imagine spending 18 hours on a plane? Surely it's not worse than spending 18 hours at an airport because your flight has been cancelled or delayed.

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