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The Ones to Follow: Macca from An Adventurous World.

I basically went from India to Australia with everywhere else in-between. Taught me so much about myself, about the world, and why I love travelling so much.


Welcome back to our blog! If this is the first time you are visiting us, then welcome to our series of interviews from our The Ones to Follow program.


This week’s interview, from our The Ones to Follow program , is with our always smiling blogger, photographer, and presenter: Macca from An Adventurous World. He has been travelling the world since he was a child (do not miss out on the story about that time he was bitten by an alligator, for real!) but it wasn't until 2014 when he started to share his exciting expeditions and spreading his contagious smile! Better late than never and we are very happy that now we can follow up with him everywhere he goes!


Macca shares his experiences on his blog: An Adventurous World, and loves to share his thoughts and some beautiful scenery on his YouTube channel.

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His desire for a challenge and adventure, paired with incredible imagery, will give you an adrenaline boost. We love his unique writing style also. This things combined make for a very exceptional travel blog and YouTube channel.


Thank you Macca, for answering our questions! And so, we begin with the interview:


FD: Imagine this, you win the lottery and are able to travel for one whole month. Only thing is, you are only allowed to visit one continent. Which one do you choose and why?


Macca: Without a doubt Asia. It is the first place I went solo backpacking in 2006 and I left a little bit of my heart there. I love the people, the sites, the things you can do, and obviously the food in places like Thailand and Vietnam is out of this world. It’s such a unique part of the world and from India all the way to Papua New Guinea I love it all.



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FD: We agree! Maybe we can’t say it is an underrated destination, but  it is completely worth your time and budget. As soon as you get off the plane (whichever country you arrive in) you walk right into a landslide of culture and new experiences. Travelling alone could become a bore for such long of a period. So you’re allowed to bring along for the ride, who would you bring? Your significant other, a complete stranger, a celebrity or some of your closest friends?


Macca: Well this is an easy one. My travel partner in life is my girlfriend and fellow blogger Wanderlust Chloe. We do loads of trips together and I would love to show her some of my favourite spots in Asia, so she’s in. Great traveller, great blogger.


FD: We will be sure to follow her too! Woohoo, you are ready to go. But sadly, your flight gets delayed by more than four hours or gets cancelled. What’s your worst-case scenario: an delayed flight for, let’s say, 6 hours or a cancelled flight?


Macca: Delayed flight because you have to hang around the airport just killing time. At least with a cancelled flight you can leave, find a hotel and kick back and relax a little bit. Delays are such a bore though.


Yes they are, delays and cancellations are both a hassle. There is a small silver lining, however. If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation when flying to or from the EU. Check your flight for free with our claim calculator and you’ll find out immediately if you can claim:


Now let’s get back to our conversation with Macca.


FD: Have you ever had something even worse happen to you? If this one wouldn’t be considered as your worst delay ever, which one would be?


Macca: My last three return flights have read 1. 5 hour delay; 2. Cancelled; 3. Cancelled. I seem to be going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. It wasn’t a delay but one of my toughest trips was 47 hours on a train in India. 47 hours on a train – sleeper class, hardly any food, hardly any stops longer than five minutes. Yep, that was a tough one.



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FD: When we think of train trips we normally think of beautiful scenery and mountains. We are sorry the hear about the delay and cancellations. We’d be happy to help if you still haven’t claimed your compensation. Let’s go on with the questions though, the aircraft needs to make an emergency landing. You end up on a deserted island. If you can choose anyone in the whole world to join you there, who would this be?


Macca: I feel this question could get me in trouble! I would say someone like Simon Reeve – probably pretty handy on a deserted island and I feel I could learn a lot from him! Also, he’s got some cracking stories about travelling for the campfire at night.


FD: Yes, he is probably very helpful. Hey may even write a book about the whole experience in the end. Thankfully help wasn’t too far off and you’re able to make your way back to the mainland. How do you continue the journey? Would you go backpacking, maybe relax at a luxurious hotel for a couple of days or perhaps you’d be thinking about just heading back home already?


Macca: I feel like I’m more of a flashpacker these days. I like moving around a lot and exploring new places, but I prefer hotels to hostels. I guess I’d pick up my camera and head off on an adventure – camera and adventures make me very happy indeed.



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FD: We are convinced that you would also document the unfortunate event in a very unique way/ While this trip might have taken a couple of turns for the worse, it might even be your favourite trip ever! Let’s compare notes with a previous one you’ve had. Which of your trips would you consider your favourite?   


Macca: Ah, how to answer this one! My favourite trip was when I went travelling for a couple of years in 2009 and 2010. I basically went from India to Australia with everywhere else in-between. Taught me so much about myself, about the world, and why I love travelling so much. That trip gave me the inspiration to be a blogger and to do what I’m doing today.


FD:  Learning about yourself while travelling is something that we don’t talk about that often. It goes hand in hand with discovering new places we believe. Is there something else you would like to add before we finish up the interview?


Macca: An Adventurous World is all about capturing the world one place at a time. I love photography and videography so much, but unlike a lot of other bloggers I also love presenting. I’d love to have my own TV show one day and that’s what I’m working towards – hopefully it’ll happen one day and I’ve already got a few web-series under my belt with companies like Lonely Planet so the next step is TV work!


We have absolutely no doubt that we would binge watch that TV show for sure. We hope it happens and that it happens soon! Thank you Macca for your time and answer and we hope to read more about your adventures.


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