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The Ones to Follow: The Travel Project


As we travel the world we leave our trip in the hands of the Instagram community, who guide our adventure. Using the app we connect with like-minded creatives across the globe, who share their local knowledge and insight, giving us unique access to amazing, one-in-a-lifetime experiences


Welcome back to our blog! If this is the first time you are visiting us, then welcome to our series of interviews from our The Ones to Follow program.


This week’s conversation is with our favourite travelling couple, Jess and Charlie, the creative brains that run The Travel Project. Since 2016, Jess and Charlie have brought a new and fresh approach to travelling blogs by completely focusing on the people that inhabit the places they visit. They call it “the eyes of the locals”. They connect with likeminded locals through Instagram wherever they go and follow their recommendations. As a result,  Not only have they been able to provide great content on travelling, they have also created a blog that brings people together, from all around the globe, through the experiences of letting go and venturing towards new places.Best travel bloggers in Europe


They do a great job when it comes to keeping you intrigued about what they are doing next and what they are going to see and photograph. Head on over to their Instagram to have a look yourself, they will not disappoint you.

Are you excited to see what answers Jess and Charlie gave to our questions this week? Because we sure are! A very special blog, Jess and Charlie blend seamlessly both the need to visit new breath-taking places with having thoughtful consideration for its people and culture. We begin with our questions:


FD: Imagine this, you win the lottery and are able to travel for 1 whole month. Only thing is, you are only allowed to visit one continent. Which one would you choose and why?


Jess and Charlie: It would have to be Asia purely due to the amazing mix of countries and cultures within one continent. It is also where the five ‘stans are (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and these countries have been high up on our list of countries to visit for a while now.



FD: Great choice, there is more than enough to see, experience and learn in Asia. It’s the first time that we’ve heard about the 5 Stans, clever! Travelling alone could become a bore for such long of a period. So you’re allowed to bring someone along for the ride, who would you bring?


Jess and Charlie: Well we really have to say each other considering there are two of us who make up The Travel Project! Friends and family would come next.


FD: Woohoo, ready to go! But sadly, your flight has been delayed for more than four hours or gets cancelled. What’s your worst-case scenario: a delayed flight for, let’s say, 6 hours or a cancelled flight?


Jess and Charlie: Cancelled flight definitely! We can easily entertain ourselves for 6 hours in an airport if we have to - in fact that would give us time to buy everything that we’ve forgotten to pack!


 FD: There is always something right? I believe that packing is probably the worst part of travelling. That and your flight being disrupted and receiving absolutely no help.


This is the perfect time to remind our readers that if you’ve ever been delayed or your flight has been cancelled whilst flying from and to Europe, you may very well be entitled to compensation. You can check your flight by filling in your flight's details below and we will let you know, almost immediately, if we think that you're eligible to get compensated.  



Have you ever had something even worse happen to you? If this wouldn’t be considered as your worst delay ever, which one would be?


Jess and Charlie: Luckily we’ve managed to steer clear of airports when there’s been ash clouds and storms etc so we haven’t had many bad flight delays. In Sri Lanka I (Jess) once tried to catch a train for what is touted as ‘the most beautiful train ride in the world’. Eagerly a friend and I waited on the platform for about 7 hours. When it finally arrived it was dark and so we didn't get to see any of the beautiful countryside and instead just had a very long, pointless train journey looking out at the darkness! This is probably the most annoying delay I've had.



FD: Wow, very unfortunate. We are sorry we can’t help you with claiming compensation for that train ride. However, I’ve never been to Sri Lanka and now I will most certainly check out the possibility of catching that train!


In order to keep the story moving, let’s say the aircraft needs to make an emergency landing. You end up on a deserted island. If you can choose anyone in the whole world to join you there, who would this be?


Jess and Charlie: Chris Buckard - He’s an awesome photographer and adventurer - we’d love to accompany him on one of his trips one day and learn all his tricks of the trade, so this would give us the perfect opportunity! What’s more, he’s the type of person that would make the best of a situation like that.



FD: More than enough time to pick his brain! He would definitely get some amazing shots from that deserted island. Thankfully, help wasn’t too far off and you’re able to make your way back to the mainland. How do you continue the journey? Would you go backpacking, maybe relax at a luxurious hotel for a couple of days or perhaps you’d be thinking about just heading back home already?


Jess and Charlie: Can we relax at a luxurious hotel for a couple of nights and then go backpacking?


FD: Well of course! The best of both worlds. While this trip might have taken a couple of turns for the worse, it might even be your favourite trip ever! Let’s compare notes with a previous one you’ve had. Which has been your favourite travelling destination?


Jess and Charlie: It’s so hard to choose, but probably Ethiopia. You hear so little about the country on social media or in the press these days (and lots of us just remember the famine in the ‘90s). Everything was a genuine surprise. We had expected the country to be one large, arid desert but in fact it has some of the most amazing landscapes we've ever seen. We spent two weeks exploring the country, camping on the side of a live volcano, seeing the multi-coloured sulphur flats of Dallol and meeting the tribes of the Omo Valley and still have so much left to see. To anyone who likes an adventure, we couldn't recommend it more!


FD: *Adds Ethiopia to the list of countries to visit asap*. It does sound like a terribly underrated destination. Is there anything you’d like to add before we finish the interview? Perhaps some travel inspiration?


Jess and Charlie: Our trip is one with a difference. As we travel the world we leave our trip in the hands of the Instagram community, who guide our adventure. Using the app we connect with like-minded creatives across the globe, who share their local knowledge and insight, giving us unique access to amazing, one-in-a-lifetime experiences as we go. We’ve been given some awesome tips so far, but we could always do with more, so we’d love readers to get involved and message us with any suggestions!


Jess & Charlie x



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