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7 reasons why everybody loves traveling to London!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Welcome back to our blog! Today we will tell you all the reasons why we love travelling to London for a little holiday. Whether it is a staycation for you Londoners out there, or if you’re travelling back to rediscover the city. For everyone else, English or not, London has it all.

So, this week we made a list, in no particular order, out of the 7 reasons why we love London!

First of all, London is where the world gets together. It is, for many, the only city where cosmopolitanism shines at its brightest. Such diversity has made of London a place of endless possibilities. Therefore,  London has everything for everyone - you prefer culture? London has it! Are you a big gastronome? London’s got you covered! You like shopping? You will find that special thing in Oxford Street! You want to have a great time? Shoreditch is waiting for you!

7 things that we love and you can love about London

The culture!  You won't get tired of the cultural life London has to offer. From theatres to weird museums, everyone will find something they are interested in doing! You can cool off and enjoy some exhibitions in the Tate museum or spend an evening enjoying a play in one of the oldest theatres in London. You can also have a good laugh with a display of classic British humour at a comedy club!

Greatest artists in history! London has also been the home of many historical creative artists. From Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling, Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys and Ed Sheeran. London has inspired some of the greatest artists ever, and also of the 21st century.

History and monuments. For city lovers who want to discover all the historic monuments that London has to offer,  you can buy tickets for a Hop On Hop Off bus tour atop the classic Red Double Decker buses to visit all the most famous  attractions. It is a great way to tour around with kids, as they do not have to walk too much and can also enjoy the view while riding on the open buses!

Food! The food in the English capital reflects its multiculturalism and creativity that can only be defined as the city’s heartbeat. You can try everything, begin with some street food. Then go on to some experimental, traditional and global cuisine. An English Breakfast in the morning at the Breakfast club, then eat Indian at Dishoom for lunch and eat Chinese at Ping Pong for dinner!

Street food. We thought we would just give this one a tad of extra attention since London is an exceptional city, when it comes to the culinary arts. If you are travelling with a big group and everyone wants different options for lunch or dinner, you can easily solve this issue by just heading towards one of  its many street food markets. Everyone will find something they fancy. Two of our favourites are the Borough Market and the Kerb.

Nightlife! The last few months have seen a boost when it regards to the nightlife in the city. Much of it is owed to the fact that the tube recently started riding 24 hours a day during the weekend. With extravagant clubs such as Cirque du Soir or its summer rooftops such as Pergola, you won’t run out of places to go and enjoy a drink on a hot summer day or a breezy summer night.

Fashion. As 4th most important city in the fashion world, it has been the birthplace of some of the most famous models and designers of the century; From Kate Moss to Alexander McQueen. If you are looking to do some shopping, you can either go to Camden Market or the Concept stores in Soho. If you are willing to shell out some hard earned pounds, head towards the world renown and luxurious Harrods.

Airports. We also love London because of its very easy access from everywhere in the world. The two most well-known are Gatwick and Heathrow, however you can also fly in through Stansted, Luton, Southend, and City Airport.

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