Kid at airport

Kids on flights - Births, Scared passengers and the Gummy bear song

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Children and planes don’t always mix well together, but rarely does the fault lie with a parent or guardian. Planes just aren’t that fun for kids! It’s only natural, and many of us were likely the same when we were younger so it is important not to get angry as disruptive kids on flights. That said, there are plenty of funny stories about kids causing a scene during a flight. At we have chosen a few of the best and written about them below! Enjoy!

“We are going down!”

Travelling with kids tips

On a flight to Orlando one excited child accidently sent another passenger into hysterics. The little girl was with her stepfather and was enjoying her first flight ever! As the plane was beginning its decent the upbeat girl exclaimed “We’re going down! We’re going down!” Unfortunately, just in front of her was a very nervous elderly lady, also on her first flight. She became confused by the little girls comments and started clutching her chair tightly as her husband tried to calm her down. Some first flight experiences are better than others I guess!

Non-stop tunes

On a long flight from Amsterdam to Toronto. Passengers were pushed to their limits when a young passenger was absolutely entranced by the “gummy bear song”. If you haven’t heard this song before then follow this link. Or you can trust us when we say that it wouldn’t be your top pick to listen to on repeat throughout a long haul flight. Many passengers complained but the child’s mother refused to make her child stop. Eventually the co-pilot was forced to threaten to land the plane before the mother provided her child with headphones! We hope to love something as much as that kid loved the gummy bear song someday.

A tough day on the job

An American Airlines flight from Haiti to New York ended up landing with more passengers than it took off with after a lady gave birth on the plane! The woman was 6 months pregnant with her child when she boarded the flight. With some assistance from the flight attendant and a doctor who happened to be flying at the time, the lady successfully gave birth to a healthy (but premature) baby! That will make one great story once the child is old enough!

Nothing beats the frustration of a cancelled or delayed flight, so our best travel tip will always be: claim the compensation you are entitled to!

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