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Travel Survival Tip - Get a morning flight

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Flight-delayed.co.uk’s survival tip this week is dedicated to the passengers looking to make there flight as comfortable as possible that don’t mind getting up a little bit earlier in the morning. In this blog we have outlined all the reasons why taking a morning flight is the best way to fly!

Morning flights have less turbulence

 Due to cooler weather conditions in the morning, the air is more stable and there is much less likelihood of thunderstorms and turbulence. This is great if you are a nervous flyer blessed with an ability to wake up early!

Morning flights are cheaper

Due to there being less demand for morning flights, flights can often cheaper than their afternoon counterparts. Perfect if you are looking to travel on a budget and don’t mind sacrificing those extra hours of sleep in the morning.

Morning flights have less delays

Less competition between flights at departure, less delay from busy runways! Often the planes will already be in position at the departure gate from the night before, so they simply need to load up with passengers and leave. This is not the case with flights later in the day. So if you are wanting to get to your destination as fast as possible, taking a morning flight may be the answer for you.

An extra tip for when your flight has been delayed or cancelled

At Flight-delayed.co.uk we specialise in delivering the compensation that delayed passengers are entitled to. This can be as much as EUR600 per passenger! Claiming your owed compensation after a delay is just about the best travel tip there is! If you have been delayed in the last 6 years, you can use our free flight checker to see if you are entitled to compensation. Don’t worry, use of the checker is non-committal. If you do decide to submit a claim for your flight compensation with us this is on a no-win-no-fee policy so you can never lose money!