Air France-KLM - Remarkable compensation stories, facts and history


Welcome back to the second post of’s weekly airline blog! This time round we are going to be taking a closer look at Air France-KLM, Europe's 4th largest airline! Since the merger between KLM and Air France this dual airline has become an increasingly dominant force in the aviation industry.


A brief history of the Air France-KLM


2004: Merger between Air France and Netherlands based KLM

2008: Largest airline in the world  in terms of total operating revenues and international passenger kilometers.

2011: Categorised as one of the top 10 world’s safest airlines

2013: Air France–KLM sold CityJet to Intro Aviation (German Airline)

2016: Alexandre de Juniac, Chairman and CEO since 2013 resigned and was replaced by Jean-Marc Janaillac

2018: Seeking to replace medium haul fleets, aiming for lower aircraft noise and biofuel usage


Many passengers and over 35’000 delays with Air France-KLM


In order for you to learn a little bit more about the facts behind Air France-KLM we have a created a small fact list below!


Size of fleet: 574


Total Passengers flown: 93.4 million (in 2017)


On Time Performance: From January to March (2018) 79.09% of Air France-KLM’s flights left within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure (i.e left on time)


Number of Delays: From January to March (2018) 37’655 Air France-KLM flights were delayed!


Fun fact: In 2017, members of an Air France flight were detained in Buenos Aires for 6 hours after the daughter of the former deputy minister of Justice was unhappy that she did not  receive an upgrade!


Air france cancellation delayed compensation claim


Pilot Royalty, Engine explosions and Taking naps


As a claiming company, we often hear remarkable stories from passengers who flew with different airlines, such as those mentioned below. Some of these stories are from really happy passengers, others were not quite so lucky. Nevertheless these experiences make for great reading!


King Willem is a KLM pilot every now and then! The King of the Netherland, Willem Alexander, likes to spend his free time acting as a co-pilot for KLM flights. He claims that passengers rarely recognise him and that flying gives him a much needed break from the pressures of being a King.


Air France flight delayed so pilot could rest! An Air France flight from New York to Paris had to be landed in Manchester because the Pilot had exceeded his working hours limit! The unfortunate passengers were stuck inside the plane for 6 hours while the pilot rested. What was even more frustrating for some passengers was that they lived in Manchester, but were still forced to fly to Paris before being able to get their connecting flight back home!


Air France engine explosion - Passengers on an Air France heading to LA had the shock of their lives when heard a loud bang during the flight. Passengers were then terrified to see that one of their engines had exploded! The pilot was forced to land in Canada where passengers were delayed for several hours.


KLM compensation claim now flight delayed cancelled


Claiming compensation for a flight delay


We hope you enjoyed finding out more about Air France-KLM! Despite this airline’s efficiency and professional experience, many passengers who fly with this airline are still delayed (recall that over 35’000 flights were delayed between January and March).


At we specialise in delivering the compensation that delayed passengers are entitled to. This can be as much as €600 per passenger! If you have been delayed in the last 6 years, you can use our free flight checker to see if you are entitled to compensation. Don’t worry, use of the checker is non-commital and we have a no-win-no-fee policy so you can never lose money!