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Best destinations for a family holiday

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The perfect family holiday can require a huge amount of planning and coordination. The first question you probably ask yourself is, “where should we go?” However, travellers with kids will know that not every place is as suitable for families as it is for adults. Kids have different needs, and may not be all that interested in the 500 year old monument you are so eagerly showing them. However, all hope is not lost for those looking to travel with their kids! Below, at we have listed some of the most popular family destinations in Europe, and the kind of things each destination has to offer. We hope that this list will help you choose a spot that has something for everyone!

Scotland with kids

 While Scotland may not be the ideal holiday destination for those looking for sun tans and beaches, it can be a great destination for a family trip. With castle ruins, dungeons and breath-taking scenery, there is plenty on offer. Your kids can imagine a time when clans and Vikings ruled these lands. There are even beaches where you can play as a family, but the water may leave you a little chilly!

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Norway with kids

 This Scandinavian nation is littered with creative playgrounds and hands-on museums for your kids If you are in need of a more active holiday, Norway can offer great hiking, kayaking, fishing, scenic train rides and boat trips to charming towns. If your kids are looking for some fun, Norway also has roller coasters, aquariums and other kid-friendly things to do! And this is a perfect destination during winter times! Think about Norway for your next Christmas flight!

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Ireland with kids

Ireland has seen a surge in popularity since becoming a filming site for Game of Thrones and Star Wars. But its natural beauty has not been spoiled in the slightest by increases in tourism! With otherworldly landscapes and dramatic castle ruins, Ireland is a great family destination for many of the same reasons as Scotland.

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France with kids

Fine food, beautiful beaches, and majestic mountains all await your family in France. France successfully combines culture, history, and amazing scenery. While kids may not be as into the cultural aspect of France, they can’t say no to skiing in the French alps or relaxing on white sandy beaches.

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Portugal with kids

As it is the home to no less than 14 UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites, Portugal is an ideal place to visit with your family. Despite having amazing castles and forts, Portuguese is perhaps most well-known for its legendary coastline. Everyone in the family will be more than happy to relax in the sun and lie on the hot, white sand.

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Slovenia with kids

Slovenia is very easy to get around. From Ljubljana (the capital) you can get to anywhere else in the country within 2 hours. This provides you with easy access to the countries numerous great family attractions including Lake Bled, underground caves and hilltop castles. As a result, there is plenty of great things for you to do as a family!

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Greece with kids

With an extremely rich history, Greece is already a must see for anyone, but it is also a great destination for families. Boasting breath-taking views, delicious food, temples, and much more, your kids will not want to leave! Sport and history lovers can also take part in the Olympics games workout where all the family can try out fun activities in the birthplace of the world’s greatest sporting competition!

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Cyprus with kids

This small nation has plenty of things to do such as ancient ruins, mountains, beaches, and plenty of natural beauty. Kids are also catered for, and you can easily visit a number of attractions that your kids will love! Cyprus is host to theme parks, zoos, water parks, museums and activity centres (horse riding etc.) The Cyprians are famously fond of children, so many locals will be very excited to welcome your family to their beautiful nation.

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We wish you the best of luck with your family vacation! If you decide to travel to any of the above destinations we are confident that you will have an amazing time.