Golf Ball

Travel Survival Tip - Golf ball massage!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Welcome back to’s weekly travel survival tips. This week’s tip is the golf ball massage, a crafty way to kick back and relax during your flight!

Why you need it

Flights are aren’t exactly comfortable, you may even feel like you need a recovery day after a long haul flight. So why not treat yourself to a massage when everything else feels like it is slowly degrading? A golf ball massage can be done without much practice and feels pretty good!

How to do it

The process for massaging your foot is really quite simple! We have outlined the steps below!

Items needed: 1 Big sock/ stocking,1 golf ball and at least 1 foot.

Step 1 - Remove your shoes

Step 2 - Place golf ball in the sock/stocking

Step 3 - Place foot in the sock/stocking

Step 4 - Place foot on the floor and gently roll the ball around the sole of your foot

Step 5 - Enjoy the temporary escape to luxury

Extra Tips - Closing your eyes may help you to focus your senses on the relaxing feeling of the ball on your foot. Furthermore, when travelling, you can keep the ball in the sock and simply tie up the end. This was it can be easily stored in your carry-on luggage!

Benefits for you

Giving yourself a foot massage during your flight will make your flight more enjoyable for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a great distractor! Long flights are boring, any activity to occupy your time is a benefit to your flight experience. It’s just lucky that this activity also gives a great excuse to take off your shoes and let your feet breath a bit, not to mention the benefits to the muscles in your feet themselves!

A final excuse to use this trick is that it can be a great conversation starter between you and the passengers sitting near you. It has the potential to be a great meet cute! Of course, if you want a quiet flight then you can always just lay back and get into your massage.

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