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6 top tips when travelling with kids

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Travelling with kids is an exciting experience, as you have an amazing opportunity to explore the world with your little ones. However the journey can often be stressful as kids can easily become bored, irritable and anxious on the plane. want to help you avoid this. To make sure that you and your kids have the magical travelling experience  you deserve, we have outlined some top tips below to help ease your journey!

Pack wisely, especially when flying

Travelling with kids becomes so much easier with a little preparation! Some important things to remember are spare clothes for you and your baby (if there is an accident), plenty of snacks (airplane food isn’t always a kids idea of tasty) and games for entertainment (crayons, toys, I spy etc.) However, perhaps the most important thing to remember is how much you are allowed to take on to the aircraft. This information will be listed on your airlines website!

Travelling with kids tips and tricks

Get 'em tired before your flight

Kids, for better or for worse, have very high energy levels! So it is important for them to burn some of that energy before being trapped in a flying metal box for several hours. One way to do this is to make them exercise. Try to find a bit of space at the airport and just get your kids to have a little run around. This was you can help avoid them becoming restless on the plane!


One of the biggest obstacles for kids on a flight is pain in their ears. The trick to helping them ‘pop’ their ears is to get them to suck and swallow on their dummy or a lollipop (if they are too old for a dummy). This will increase the comfort of your child, and by extension, increase your comfort.

Goody Bags

Some parents have taken to giving passengers seated near their children goody bags. The goal of this is to encourage nearby passengers to be tolerant of your kids and as a result make you feel more comfortable. This is of course up to you, as opinions on this practice vary! But if you would like to try this out, here is a good example.

Travelling with kids flight delayed or cancelled

Use a backpack

The use of a backpack as your hand luggage of choice is a simple trick for passengers with young children. The backpack frees up both your hands for carrying your child/holding their hand.

Remember the wonder of flying

Remember that to a child flying is an amazing thing! It was to you once as well! So join in with your child’s excitement, let them look out the window and engage with them, point out landmarks etc. This way they are going to feel positive on the flight, hopefully reducing time spent crying or kicking the chair in front of them!

Flying with kids tips and tricks

Delayed while travelling with children?

Have you ever had a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight while traveling with children? Under EU regulations, delayed passengers are entitled to as much as 600 euros in compensation per passenger! As long as your children are above the age of 2 when flying, you can also make a claim on their behalf! At we specialise in delivering the compensation that delayed passengers are entitled to. This can be as much as EUR600 per passenger! If you have been delayed in the last 6 years, you can use our free flight checker to see if you are entitled to compensation. Don’t worry, use of the checker is non-commital. If you do decide to submit a claim for your flight compensation with us this is on a no-win-no-fee policy so you can never lose money!

Until next time!

We hope that our top tips will be useful to you when you next travel as a family. They should help make your trip just that bit easier, making sure that you can stay energised for the important moments and generate some memories your kids will treasure forever!