British Airways flight to be operated by Meghan and Harry’s in celebration of the royal wedding!


Where and when?

This Saturday British Airways flight BA93 from London Heathrow to Toronto will be conducted by an all star flight crew, all named Meghan or Harry. Toronto is the city where the royal couple first met, and as such, is the perfect destination for the festive flight. The flight is set to depart at 1.10pm, just an hour after the young couple are to be pronounced husband and wife.

Benefits for passengers

In anticipation of the biggest wedding of the year, Heathrow airport passengers will be subjected to all sorts of celebratory benefits. These have been outline below (some are ridiculous):


Free first class travel lounge entry - Any traveller lucky enough to be the namesake of Harry or Meghan (Megan is also accepted) are invited to use the airline’s first class lounge for free, along with their travel companions!

Free  victoria sponges - Every passenger at Heathrow airport on Saturday will be offered free individual lemon and elderflower Victoria sponges (same flavour as the wedding). Chocolate may have gone down a little better.

Free champagne - Every passenger aboard the jubilant jet will recieve a free bottle of Castelnau Blanc du Blanc! Not bad!

In flight entertainment - The in flight entertainment systems throughout this month are geared towards celebrating the royal wedding! Including the Toronto-shot TV series Suits, documentaries on how Harry met Meghan, and even footage from the wedding!

Free cake and champagne - what could go wrong?

Everybody loves freebies, especially on a long haul flight where comfort is often lacking. However, being flown across the Atlantic by an all star crew does not guarantee a perfect journey. According to’s statistics, 21% of British Airways were delayed between January and March of this year. Even though you might be satisfied with your free champagne, did you know that delayed passengers are entitled to as much as 600 euros in compensation? If you have been delayed in the last 6 years, you can check to see if you are entitled to compensation using our free flight checker! If you then decide to submit a claim with us to get your compensation, this is on a no-win-no-basis (so you can’t lose money). Free money is a great way to celebrate the royal wedding right?