Top 8 Most Luxurious First Class Cabins

Only 5% of the world population have ever been a plane, so you can consider yourself lucky if you have ever taken a flight before. However, some privelaged passengers take their air travel to a whole different level. If you are curious to learn about the first-class lifestyle or a big time flyer looking to travel in style then this is the list for you! Below we have outlined the top 8 most luxurious first class cabins in the world, you will never be satisfied with economy again!

8 - Qatar Airways

Taking the first spot on our luxurious list is Qatar Airways' first class cabin! The picture below shows how even though this airline is at the bottom of our list, flying first class with Qatar Airways is hardly slumming it! 

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Food: This Airline offers pre-select dining, allowing passengers to choose what they want to eat in advance from the airlines world class à la carte on-board menu (varies by destination).

Price: Return trip from the UK to New Zealand = 9000 GBP

Extra features: Flat bed seats, over 4000 entertainment options on a 19 inch screen, headphones, Bric's amenity kit and a large table.


7 -  Cathay Pacific

Sliding into our list to claim the number 7 spot is Cathay Pacific's first class cabin. Renowned for its long haul connections through hong kong, a first class flight with Cathay Pacific is likely to leave you hooked on the finer things in life.  

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Food: Passengers order from an à la carte on-board menu throughout the flight, which includes both Asian and International dishes. Sample dish = Grilled US prime Angus beef striploin, Portobello mushroom, asparagus spears, oven-roasted potatoes topped with Béarnaise sauce or red wine jus.

Price: Return trip from UK to New Zealand = 7500 GBP

Extras: 500-thread count cotton sheets, organic cotton pajamas, Bose noise-canceling headphones, free WiFi, and a Zegna amenity kit.


6 - ANA All Nippon Airways

Coming in at number 6 on our list is All Nippon Airways (also known as ANA or Zennikkū. As the largest Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways have invested in the passenger experience and it has paid off!

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Food: With delicious food and wine selected by some of the best connoisseurs around the world, this airline will not leave you disappointed! Sample dish = Bamboo shoot steak with ratatouille and kiwi-flavored vinegared miso sauce, served with tapenade with Gorgonzola

Price: Return flight from Tokyo to New York (Similar distance to London → NZ) = 14500 GBP

Extras: 23-inch LCD touchscreen, Free WiFi, Samsonite amenity kits, Organic cotton blankets and a sliding door to turn the cabin into a secluded suite.


5 - Singapore Airlines

Singapore as a nation is known for its ability to deliver on the luxury experience, so it is no surprise that Singapore Airlines have claimed spot number 5 on our list of luxury!

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Food: Reserve your main course up to 24 hours before you fly, cooked by notable chefs from Singapore Airlines’ international culinary panel. Sample Dish = Chicken Biryani - Fragrant Basmati rice, cooked with aromatic spices and herbs, served with chicken, dal channa and pineapple raita

Price: Return from UK to New Zealand = 8500 GBP

Extras: Mood Lighting, extra wide seat, Free WiFi, Krisworld inflight entertainment on a 24 inch TV and complete privacy.


4 - Air France

Sneaking into the top half of our list at number 4 is Air France. Their La Première first class cabin is an experience that you would not soon forget, particularly if you are a great fan of french cuisine!

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Food:With dishes selected by renowned French Michelin star chefs this is a menu that is destined to please customers. You can even create your own meal using the gourmet menu. Sample dish = Grilled Tenderloin of beef served with bearnaise sauce, baked vegetables and steamed new potatoes (sounds even tastier in french).

Price: Return from France to New Zealand = 11000 GBP

Extras:Six-and-a-half-foot-long bed, Carita beauty products, high-quality cotton bathrobe, slippers and socks, TV screen with entertainment system, Free WiFi.


3 - Lufthansa

Taking the first podium position at number 3 on our list is Lufthansa. Cemented as one of the largest european airlines, Lufthansa is actually making a slight move away from first-class cabins. Fortunately for luxury travellers, there are still plenty of first class tickets available!

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Food: Offering country-specific cuisine tailored to regional tastes on international routes. Sample dish = Suprême of black-feathered Chicken, Tomato Butter, Mini Zucchini, Wild Garlic Risotto

Price: Return from Germany to New Zealand = 15000 GBP

Extras: Complimentary lounge experience with shower, all you can eat/drink, and a nap room, driven to plane in a porsche, privacy, free WiFi, and a TV screen with entertainment


2 - Emirates

Narrowly missing out on our top spot is Emirates. A first-class ticket on this airline will offer you luxuries you never even knew you needed! You may never be able to enjoy regular life again.

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Food: Offering a range a world clash dishes at any time the mood for food takes you. Sample dish = Mixed grill: Lamb kofta, chicken tikka and spicy chicken with garlic, served with Parsi dal and navratan pulao.

Price: Return from UK to New Zealand = 7500 GBP

Extras:Transport to the plane in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans, Fully inclosed private suite, 32 Inch TV screen with entertainment system, Virtual windows for passengers in the middle of the plane, fully stocked mini bar, and video chat with aircrew to order food!


1 - Etihad Airways

Topping our list of luxurious first class cabins is Etihad Airways’ ‘Apartment’ cabin. If it weren’t for the windows you would probably forget you were even flying. This would be the only flight where the landing is cause for sorrow rather than celebration!

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Food: Inflight chef prepares your food just the way you like it, with options to mix and match from your favourite choices. Sample dish = Chicken breast with arancini, courgette, black olive, tomato, butter sauce

Price: Return from London to New Zealand = 8000 GBP

Extras: Private ‘ Apartment’, 45 square feet of private space, personal butler, free WiFi, shower, shower gels, shampoo, 7 foot long bed, wide armchair, ‘Vanity’ unit with make-up and mirror, complimentary lounge-ware and bathrobe, free WiFi, TV screen with entertainment system.


A quick note about flight delays and compensation

While a delayed flight might be the last thing on your mind when flying with any of these first class tickets, 85% of people who are entitled to compensation do not claim! Granted, €600 would not matter too much when you are willing to pay thousands for the flight, but just think of it as an investment towards your next first class experience! At our mission is to help delayed passengers and ensure they are treated fairly by their airlines, even taking legal action when necessary. If you have been delayed within the last 6 years and would like to check to see if you are entitled to compensation, you can use our free flight checker to find out if you can file in a claim with us! (You will not be charged if your claim is unsuccessful).