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It's Payback Time: EU flight compensation extends beyond European flights

Friday, March 16, 2018

 In a new supreme court ruling, delayed passengers flying with non EU airlines can still claim compensation for their missed connecting flights outside of Europe. The news comes as Emirates are refused an appeal on the recent ruling, requiring that they pay compensation to passengers who missed their connecting flights after flying with Emirates from the United Kingdom.

What does this mean for Passengers?

 This ruling protects passengers right to compensation under EU regulations, even under conditions where the flight is not operated by an EU airline or within the EU itself. Previously in situations involving delays outside of europe, compensation under the EU regulations was not possible. In order to be eligible to claim compensation, the missed connection flight must be as a result of a delayed arrival from a European country.

For example, imagine you are flying to Abu Dhabi from the UK (EU country). You have a connection stop in Dubai in order to get there, and your first flight arrives there (Dubai) one hour late. As a result you then miss your connecting flight from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The next available flight you can take is much later and you don’t arrive in Abu Dhabi until 5 hours later than your original arrival time.

Under the previous ruling, you would not have been entitled to any compensation under EU rule, as the original flight from the European destination (UK) was only 1 hour late (compensation is not owed for delays under 3 hours). However, because of this delay you were ultimately delayed by a total of 5 hours upon arrival at your final destination (Abu Dhabi). The new ruling ensures that this compensation (for the delay of 5 hours) is paid by the airline under EU regulations.

How we can help you

As mentioned above, if you have been delayed you may be owed compensation. Under EU regulations the compensation owed by airlines can be as high as €600! At our mission is to help delayed passengers and ensure they are treated fairly by their airlines, even taking legal action when necessary. If you have been delayed you can use our free flight checker to work out if you can make a claim with us! (You will not be charged if your claim is unsuccessful).