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Travelling in the lap of comfort; airlines with the most empty seats.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The check-in period for your flight just started, what do you do? Rush to get the best seats, obviously. Whether this is going to be a window or aisle seat is of less importance. Your eyes immediately go to that one specific row where all the seats are still empty. With fingers tightly crossed, you now hope that no one else will reserve a seat next to you. Don’t we all want that pleasure of easily being able to relax our legs as we see fit. Having a nap with not a single soul disturbing you to pass along? Even better.

Is there a way to make this dream a reality? Well not really, as it’s not possible to reserve a whole row of seats by only buying a single ticket. You could obviously purchase additional tickets for the seats next to you, but this would then be quite a steep price to pay if you ask us.

Viewing available spots next to your seat may no longer remain a mirage; thanks to a research done by The Telegraph. While this study focussed primarily on the amount of tickets sold in the last months of 2017, it also gives us some insight as to which airlines have the most ‘empty’ flights.

As you can imagine, the low-cost carriers are typically more popular and thus have less free seats. With constant offers of cheap tickets and a greater frequency of flights, airlines like Ryanair and easyJet have the most crowded aircrafts in Europe. Surprisingly, one of the biggest award-winning airlines of all time, Emirates, has not always been as successful in the arduous task of selling their tickets.

Curious as to where you can stretch your legs during your next trip? Here’s the full ranking:

AirlineAverage passenger load Reporting period
Ryanair96%April - September 2017
Jet293.2%April - September 2017
Spicejet92.8%January - June 2017
easyJet92.1%October - December 2017
Wizz Air91%January - June 2017
Transavia89.5%January - July 2017
KLM88.4%January - July 2017
Norwegian87.7%January - July 2017
Cathay Pacific84.7%January - June 2017
Singapore Airlines84.4%April - December 2017
Vueling84.1%January - July 2017
Iberia83.3%January - July 2017
Lufthansa81.6%April - December 2017
Swiss81.5%April - December 2017
British Airways81.2%April - December 2017
Turkish Airlines78.8%January - September 2017
Emirates77.2%April - December 2017
Austrian76.8%April - December 2017
FlyBe76%April - December 2017

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