The busiest air routes in the world? You'll be surprised with number one

With cheaper flights, and an ever-growing network of connections between the world’s major cities on offer, the plane has rapidly become the first choice for most holidaymakers. Every year, British air traffic data shows an increase in passengers who prefer to fly over other means of transportation, both for domestic and international journeys.

If you are part of this group of eternal globetrotters, you are likely to have asked yourself what the best airline to travel with is; maybe even the most punctual carrier, or longest route in the world. Today we answer another one of these curiosities: Which is the most travelled route?

Instinctively, your answer might be something along the lines of a European or American itinerary. Maybe London - Paris or Miami - New York perhaps. Certainly many passengers take daily flights connecting through these famous cities, but we suggest you give it another try! Do you give up? Well the world’s busiest route is located in Asia and connects the capital of South Korea with one of the seven natural wonders of the world, namely Seoul-Jeju.

Guessing this correctly is nearly impossible and perhaps you were not even aware of the existence the beautiful island of Jeju. Considered the Caribbean of the Far East, this awe-inspiring location is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. In Asia, however, the island is so loved that every day 178 flights depart from Seoul. That would be approximately one flight every 8 minutes, for a grand total of 65 thousand flights last year alone. We hope you enjoyed that little fun fact of the day!

If you’re keen on knowing more, here’s a list of the top 20 busiest routes:

 1 Jeju - Seoul
 2 Melbourne - Sydney
 3 Mumbai - Delhi
 4 Fukuoka - Tokyo
 5 Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo
 6 Sapporo - Tokyo
 7 Los Angeles - San Francisco
 8 Brisbane - Sydney
 9 Cape Town -  Johannesburg
 10 Beijing - Shanghai
 11 Hong Kong - Taipei
 12 Bengaluru - Delhi
 13 Kuala Lumpur - Singapore
 14 New York La Guardia - Chicago
 15 Bogotá - Medellin
 16 Jakarta - Singapore
 17 Brisbane - Melbourne
 18 New York JFK - Los Angeles
 19 Bengaluru - Mumbai
 20 Tokyo - Osaka