Jet Sounds: the new Music Album by easyJet.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Yes that’s right, the low-cost carrier is bringing out its own album. A recent study by the Sleep Council reports that 22% of adults in the United Kingdom have problems sleeping. Enter easyJet with their new album composed entirely out of engine noise.

Experts regard white noise, such as those made by an engine, a helpful aid to bring about sleep. The monotonous drone, characteristic of white noise, is thought to allow the brain to block out other sounds such as snoring or nearby traffic.

According to one sleep expert, Dr Sandra Whatley: “There is also strong evidence that it can dampen out disruptive noises that can disturb our slumber. The low throb of a powerful jet engine is ideal for this. easyJet have captured the perfect tones”.

The white noise on the album was produced by two CFM56 turbo fan engines on a flight from London Gatwick to Nice. While Jet Sounds is available on iTunes, priced at £7.99, limited edition vinyl prints are also on sale via easyJet’s Twitter page.

All proceeds from the album and the associated single will be donated to The Children’s Sleep Charity.