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Travel Hack: Offline Google Maps

Friday, August 4, 2017

Going on holiday brings a lot of enjoyment with it. Weeks in advance you start planning exactly what it is that you want to see and do, let alone actually being there and relishing in the experience. This summer, take a break from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a different city. Not fully prepared yet? No worries, we’re here to help you get the most out of your holiday. With our helpful Travel Hacks, we want to assist you with making your trip as cheap, luxurious and relaxing as possible!

We’ve all been there at one point in our lives, wandering the narrow streets of a city with no particular idea of where we’re exactly going. While we can always rely on Google Maps to help us along the way when we’re home, this can also cause unnecessary data usage when you’re in a foreign country. Let alone when you have to pay a small fortune just to be able to roam outside the EU. However, did you know that you can also have your destination readily available offline? And no, we don’t mean by buying an old-fashioned paper map.

Google Maps has a special code which lets you save a portion of your destination’s map on your phone. You can make this as small or big as you desire, ensuring that you always know your way around the city, without using any data or having to hunt down that one open Wi-Fi connection. Here’s how it works: Zoom into the section of the map that you would like to store for offline use, click the search bar, type in ‘OK MAPS’ and press enter. You’ll then be asked if you would like to ‘Download this area?’. Upon downloading this you’ll then be presented with the message: ‘The on-screen map area has been cached’. Presto, you’re all set to use Google Maps offline for your specified area.

With this Travel Hack you won’t need to wander astray ever again, unless that’s exactly what you desire. Keep an eye on as we’ll be rolling out other useful Travel Hacks in the upcoming weeks.