Air India to Only Offer Vegetarian Meals On-board

Although Air India has been struggling for the last couple of years, they are now going against the grain with a plan that might just help save them. After having analysed their meals data for months, the airline has noticed that a big fraction of their options containing meat goes to waste. As such, they recently decided to only serve vegetarian meals to coach passengers aboard domestic flights.

In 2016 the carrier operated circa 211,000 domestic flights, thus rendered to about 17 million passengers. While this move is primarily based on financial concerns, it is also rather controversial as passengers are not offered a choice between a vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal. Nonetheless, Air India’s chairman Ashwani Lohani stands by their decision and notes that this was consciously made as it will:  “reduce wastage, cost and improve the catering service”.

According to another official they expect to save 80 million rupees per year, or rather approximately £964,000.00, with this shift. The fact that it is also better for the environment, is a welcomed bonus.