Delayed due to storm at the airport? This is what can do for you

London has been hit by strong winds for the past few weeks, which has led to delays. Not all delays were extremely long, but it is possible that you had to wait for a long period of time. Bummer!

Despite the fact that you can escape the despicable weather here by going on holiday, a delay is never a great start to your holiday. Unfortunately, we cannot ease the disappointment with news that you are entitled to compensation. Adverse weather conditions are considered to be extraordinary circumstances, which means that the airlines can claim force majeure. Besides compensation, fortunately, there are other things you are entitled to, even in case of adverse weather conditions.

Right to care

First and foremost, the airline must offer you food and beverages if your flight is delayed for more than 2 hours. This is commonly referred to as the right to care. Airlines usually offer this in the form of a voucher of a certain amount. Did the airline fail to offer you anything? Save the receipts of your meal, because you can claim these costs back at a later point.

Prevent a night spent on hard benches

When a flight is delayed for long enough to require an overnight stay, the airline must organize a stay at a hotel close to the airport for you. The costs of travelling to the accommodation should be covered by the airline. You should therefore save all proof of payment, such as receipts and online invoices, if you were not offered an overnight stay. It goes without saying that you are not meant to find a place to sleep at the airport. Have the airline arrange this for you, as it is their (legal) responsibility!

Besides the previously mentioned rights when facing a flight delay, you should also receive two telephone calls funded by the airline. Are you unsure that your flight was actually delayed by adverse weather conditions? Submit your claim with us! We will further investigate what the actual cause of delay was and if it is possible to claim compensation. Please use our flight calculator to check if you could be entitled to compensation!

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