Flight 666, destination HEL. We wish you a pleasant flight!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If you are superstitious, you will have probably had a tough time onboard this flight. On top of the fact that the flight left on Friday the 13th, a day on which you are already on your guard, this flight had a number of specific oddities.

The flight flew from Copenhagen to Helsinki, nothing extraordinary in and of itself. However, the flight was operated under flight number 666, which makes your heart beat a little faster on Friday the 13th, doesn’t it?

Flight AY666 flew to Helsinki and, you have probably already guessed, this destination is shown on the information screens as HEL. Something this coincidental must have been planned!

If the passengers were not already sweating bullets, the flight also left on 13:14. Of course, why not add the number 13? Moreover, the aircraft with registration number OH-LXM is 13 years old.

I suspect the passengers on board this flight must have had their hearts in their mouths.