Air India Boeing 747 landing

The airports that have never had a flight delay

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Believe it or not, there are some airports out there that have yet to suffer a flight delay. 

India is home to one of the fastest growing aviation sectors in the world and you would expect its infrastructure to be keeping pace.

This is not the case. India’s airports do not all fall under one realm of control and that is causing regional problems. As many as 400 airports are completely unserved without a single flight leaving their collective runways.

The reason behind the high amount of regional airports remaining unused is not straightforward. Much of the issue is caused by local politics.

Rather than the governing body deciding where airports should be, it is left to local politicians that have not considered even the airports that will be viable for airlines to fly from.

The Indian government are looking at ways of connecting all of the regional airports and getting airlines to invest in unserved routes.

Even if the government manage to complete a project that connects all the smaller airports, Indian airlines are still ordering large aircraft that are incapable of landing at the smaller airports.

There are calls for the entire airport infrastructure in India to be overhauled and to encourage private investment to make the regional airports profitable.

As it stands, there are large numbers of airports that continue to be free from flight delays. I am sure that both citizens of India and their government would rather see an overhaul of the infrastructure and solid investment to turn the loss airports into profitable ones.

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