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Was your flight delayed because your pilot had a tinder date?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Was your flight delayed because your pilot had a tinder date? 
The next time your flight is delayed by 3 or more hours, stop for a minute and think about the possibility that your pilot is late because he had a tinder date.
Last year, the dating app Tinder did some research to find out which profession gets the most swipes right.
Pilots, along with physiotherapists, get the most action in terms of swipes right.  Being a pilot is seemingly the coolest job around and all it takes is perfect vision and 1,500 hours of flying.
Dates must think that dating a pilot is a sure fire way to the high life, but has it ever caused passengers to stay grounded during a flight delay?
The profession of pilot only comes out on top if it is a man doing the flying. Why is this? The most successful profession for a woman to obtain right swipes was that of physiotherapist. It could be argued that this is more attractive to a man, than a woman flying aircraft.
Who knows? I don’t, but the next time my flight is delayed by 3 or more hours, I will be thinking about where the pilot is. As they might not be where you think they are. Now, it is unlikely that the reason for your flight delay of 3 or more hours was that the pilot was tindering instead of sleeping.
Then again, looking cool and defying gravity for a living must keep a man busy, so it is possible that the flight was delayed by 3 or more hours because of a tinder date. Although, we would never be privy to such information and would likely be fed the line that it was delayed due to crew sickness.
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