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Three reasons why you want your next flight to be delayed

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The last thing a passenger wants is their flight to be delayed by three or more hours. Or is it? Are flight delays that bad? Here are three reasons why you want your next flight to be delayed. 

1.Being on time is overrated:

Who cares if you only have two weeks of holiday every year or every other year? Getting to your dream holiday destination on time is overrated. You cannot beat being surrounded by sweaty, frustrated passengers and screaming babies. Nevermind your plans to arrive, drop your bags and to start baking on a sun bed - spending quality time in an airport is much more satisfactory.

 2.Food at the airport is the best-kept secret about air travel:

Not only does it provide excellent value for money, it provides much-needed nourishment for the weary traveler. Airport food is subsided by the chains that operate within the airport. This is to allow passengers to benefit from the multi-billion dollar profits that the industry makes. Passengers can be seen the length and breadth of the country's airports, packing entire suitcases with airport food.

3. Cabin crew are paid double

That’s right, when a flight is delayed, the cabin crew is the first to benefit. They are on double bubble as soon as a flight status changes from on time to delayed. Airline bosses felt that cabin crew should be compensated for the disruption that is caused by flight delays.
Of course, passengers don't lose out, if a flight is delayed by three or more hours, in many cases they are entitled to flight delay compensation. So in this case, everybody wins. Passengers get compensated and cabin crew get a bump in their pay packets.
Not everything you read is true but the part about being entitled to flight delay compensation is. Check today to see if you are.

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