Three things you never see when your flight is delayed

Your flight has been delayed and the flight status has become unclear. A mild panic begins to creep in and you search your surroundings for one of these three things. To no avail, you don’t find what you need. These are three things you will never see when your flight has been delayed. 

  1.Airline staff representatives:

Now, I don’t want to outright accuse anybody of hiding during a flight delay. But where do the staff go? The number of passengers surrounding the airline help desk increases by the second when a flight status has been changed, but there is sight nor sound of any airport staff. 

  2. Happy passengers: 

When a flight is delayed you never see a happy passenger and I am not surprised. Dread filled expressions cover the faces of disgruntled passengers as they await news of their flight status. When passengers find out their flight has been delayed, thoughts of ruined holidays and long waits fill their minds. If you are one of those unhappy passengers, the upside is that you can submit a claim with 

  3. Sober Brits: 

You guessed it. You will never see a sober Brit when a flight gets delayed. We are the first to the bar and last to the gate when the flight is finally ready to leave.  A new survey has found that ¾ of respondents are in favour of airlines banning early morning alcohol sales. This comes after a year of high profile incidents involving drunk passengers and in particular drunk Brits. Now, it might be amusing to laugh at a drunk on the TV or from the safety of your taxi on a saturday night, but if you are stuck on a plane or an airport with one, it isn't so funny. 
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