3 things you always see when a flight is delayed

Your flight has been delayed by 3 or more hours and you are owed flight delay compensation. Making a claim with Flight-Delayed.co.uk is an easy process, but what are the three things you are certain to see during a flight delay? 

1.People neurotically staring at the departure sign: 

As soon as a flight delay or cancellation has been announced, a crowd of people will climb over one another like a litter of kittens so they can position themselves close the departure board. In what can only be described as a fruitless effort to un-delay their flights, passengers anxiously huddle around the signs in dimly lit hope that whatever issue is causing the delay is resolved and their flight status is changed. 

2. An increase of neck injuries: 

The board says delayed and, if passengers aren't falling over each other to examine it close, they are head down tapping away at their electronic devices. Passengers will spend so much time with their heads slanted downwards toward their screens, that they will feel sudden stiffness and an ache in the neck. 
 Before long, disgruntled passengers become restless and begin to scan the area for plug sockets. Anguished looks paint the faces of the contents of the departure lounge, with the question of whether to give up their seats or risk running out of phone battery, strewn across their faces. 

3.Shops making the most out of it:

Believe it or not but there is a select group that enjoy and even hope for flights to be delayed and cancelled. They are the airport shops. It has recently been reported that airports are designed to keep people in them and in turn to get people to spend money. Poorly designed on purpose, airports are best suited to  take advantage of a flight delay or cancellation. Passengers will fill the shops and empty their wallets in an effort to quell the boredom of being stuck in a departure lounge. 
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