Flight-delayed.co.uk's 7 strange flight delays

Nobody likes their flight to be delayed or cancelled. Most of us will take it in their stride and patiently wait for the flight to depart. Some passengers will want to know the reason for the flight delay, others will simply want to get to where they are going. 
Here at Flight-Delayed.co.uk, we have heard some strange excuses as to why flights have been delayed. Take a look at Flight-Delayed.co.uk’s 7 strange delays. 

1. Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift, who is used to being the centre of attention, is no different when she has to fly. Japanese pop fans have a massive obsession with western popular music, proving this by swarming the singer on her arrival in the country. The barrage of fans vying to get a snap of the ‘Shake it off’ star caused a knock-on effect, resulting in delays to the flight plan for the rest of the airport. 

2. Fight between cabin crew

Earlier this year, an easyJet flight from London to Belfast was delayed by an hour due to two members of the flight crew having an argument. The turbulent situation supposedly arose over the distribution of bottled water. The aircraft had to be returned to the airport so the two crew members in question could be swapped “following a verbal disagreement”.

3. Is that a bird? A plane? No, it is a 6-foot iguana on the runway. 

That's right, an airport in Puerto Rico has a daily battle with these sunbathing creatures. Originating from Mexico and Brazil, these iguanas cause flight delays because they like to lounge in the sun. It just so happens that their preferred baking spot is the runway of a busy airport

4. It is all about that class

In India, it is well documented that the Indian society still highly values class. So, it is no surprise that when one passenger found that the business section was overbooked, he refused to sit in economy class, causing the flight to be delayed. 

5. There is a cat in the cockpit 

Yes, an Air Canada flight was delayed because a mischievous kitty had managed to find its way behind the electronics board.The feline had escaped from an improperly fastened carrying case. Four long hours later, after engineers had taken the electronics apart, the cat named ‘Ripples’ was set free. 
Speaking after the debacle, Ripples stated that other than the delay the flight was ‘purrfect’. 

6. Lawnchair man

It was the year 1982 and the US of A, was awash with stories of the supernatural and UFO. Unbeknown to Larry Walters, he was about to be arrested for entering an airport's airspace without authorisation and was about to do so on a piece of garden furniture. It has been hotly debated as to whether this happened or not. But one day armed with a rifle, Larry attached some weather balloons to his chair and filled them with helium. His plan was to float 30 feet above ground and shoot the balloons to glide gracefully down to earth. This didn't happen for Larry, as he continued up to 16,000 feet until an aircraft from the local airport was forced to change its path.

7.Blocked toilet 

Flight-Delayed.co.uk had to deal with this one first hand. A budget carrier delayed a flight due to a passenger on a previous flight blocking the aircraft toilet. I will spare you the details of how it was blocked. Remember, no matter how strange your delay, validate your claim today at Flight-Delayed.co.uk. 

That's all for now gang.

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