Has your mobile ruined your holidays?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Do you remember the time when you had to rely on physical guide books, maps, or your trusty sense of direction to get around?
If you are under a certain age then the answer will most certainly be no. Those days may have been over before yours even began.
For those who do remember, the following post might be right up your street.
Here at we think that, although those little handheld devices serve a great deal of purpose in the modern world, they can also be the blite of your life.

I wonder why….?

For starters, we no longer have any mystery. None whatsoever. If you're travelling in a group I am willing to bet good money one of them is checking if you are on the right street or where to turn next. What ever happened to the mystic? Part of the fun as far as I am concerned is discovering new places. Not getting Google maps to do it for me. Even if it does mean not realising you are lost until you have clocked up a good few miles. It is or was all part of the experience and all worth it to find that little place with the splendid view or great little menu.
Before long, the mobile phone will lead to the death of the postcard. Now, I am not going to bore you with postcard sales stats, mainly because I haven't got any, but also because surely if everyone with a phone takes 500 pictures of the same landmark there will be no longer the need to buy a postcard version . I hope that they live on, I am still a keen collector, despite my obsessive camera phone activity.

Other people and phones:

If none of the above would ruin your holiday, just think of the irritation of listening to the passengers on your plane or at the airport once disembarked all having the same senseless conversation only to reassure those at home that the safest way to travel is, guess what? Still, the safest way to travel.
“Yes, it was on time, no it wasn't full, that lady in the yellow and blue or orange and grey could have been nicer. No, it didn't combust into flames mid-flight”
If you're still not convinced then wrap your head around this, without the use of your phone, you have no need for one of those selfie sticks. What is wrong with a traditional photo especially when most of those snapping, just show the takers new hat and sunglasses and completely miss whatever landmark they are visiting.
Apologies if you're a fan of said sticks but without them and the ability to snap until your heart’s content, you may just remember unaided by photographic evidence, where you were and what you were doing at that time.

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